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Are Magic Mushrooms dangerous?

Posted under: News and Science

You have asked yourself "are magic mushrooms dangerous?" because you are a responsible person. It's normal if you have fear of doubts before taking a substance like magic mushrooms. The effects are unknown for you and you want to feel safe with this new experience, right? Don't worry. Just keep reading and see.

Are Magic Mushrooms dangerous? A comparative infographic

We are sharing this infographic with you not because we think alcohol is bad or because we want you taking magic mushrooms instead of alcohol. We want you enjoying all what you like, but this infographic is very clarifiying. It compares a very known and consumed substance, alcohol, with magic mushrooms. Remember that psilocybin is one of the actives compounds of magic mushrooms.

are magic mushrooms dangerous

As you can see, alcohol is much killer than psilocybin. Magic mushrooms are not as much toxic as alcohol. Despite of this, legislation treats alcohol far far better than psilocybin. Why? I think this is a case very similar to the typical comparision between tobacco and marihuana. Why is one allowed and the other banned? Why if the effects of tobacco are far far dangerous? I think the only reasonably answer to this question is the existence of a tobacco and alcohol lobby.

Marihuana and psilocybin are direct competitors for tobacco and alcohol, so the best way to fight the rivals is keeping them out of the competition, don't you think?

So, don't worry. Psilocybin is not a dangerous substance. It's more unknown than alcohol and tobacco but not worst. Magic mushrooms exist to make our existence better, to show us that reality is more than all what we see every day. You must only care about following the responsible use instructions and... enjoy your trip!

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