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Magic Truffles Hollandia

Hollandia Magic Truffles will give you a trip of a lifetime! This Dutch truffle is the outcome of years of sclerotia cultivation.

Selecting the strongest and finest of it's kind made the Hollandia twice as potent as the Psilocybe atlantis (one of the strongest sclerotia).

7.5 grams will take you to a different world, are you willing to open that door?

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15 grams of Hollandia Magic Truffles. In vacuum sealed packaging.

Storing and preserving Hollandia Magic Truffles

Always store Magic Truffles in the fridge (2-4 °C) in closed (vacuum sealed) packaging. If stored in this way, you can keep the Truffles until the best before date. After breaking the vacuum seal, the Truffles can be preserved for up to 2 days without losing their potency.

Effects of Hollandia Magic Truffles

The active compounds in Magic Truffles are psilocin and psilocybin. Both compounds are easily absorbed in the human body and are responsible for the psychoactive effects of Magic Truffles. Read more about psilocin and psilocybin.

In low doses, eating Magic Truffles can induce giggly and stoned feelings. In this state, it is still easy to communicate and you are still aware of your environment. In higher doses, Magic Truffles transform reality and can cause hallucinations.

The first effects of Magic Truffles can be felt after 30 minutes (or sometimes even after 10 minutes) after consumption. These effects can include (but are not limited to) sweaty palms, sighing, cold shivers, a feeling of unrest and nausea. As the effects intensify, the trip moves towards euphoria and happiness, but feelings of anxiety can occur as well. Visions, hallucinations and deep connections to fellow psychonauts are possible effects.

After an hour, the effects of Magic Truffles usually stop intensifying and become more stable. They generally last for about 3 to 5 hours, depending on the consumed amount. After this time, it takes about 1 to 2 hours for the effects to fade. This fading often occurs in waves, which may suggest the trip is ending, before the effects surge back again. For this reason, plan your trip well and make sure you have no other business to attend to on the day you will trip on Truffles.

The first hour of your trip, you may experience feelings of nausea or sickness. This feeling usually passes as the effects of Magic Truffles intensify.

What you will see and feel during a Magic Truffle trip greatly depends on your mindset and the setting of your trip. Your mental state in the days before your trip and the surroundings of the place where you trip directly influence your experiences. A busy and demanding week can result in a slightly anxious, stressful trip, but can also close the week with new insights and energy.

In sum, only use Magic Truffles if you feel mentally balanced and relaxed. Only take Magic Truffles in a familiar or quiet place, preferably with people you know and trust. There is nothing more frustrating than annoyance between people while you are tripping.

Read about responsible use of Magic Truffles and Magic Mushrooms.

Dose of Hollandia Magic Truffles

The Hollandia Magic truffle is very strong. Only suitable for beginners in a low dose!

  • For a microdose, take 0.2 - 0.5 grams of Magic Truffles per person.
  • For a mild trip, take 5-7.5 grams of Magic Truffles per person.
  • For a strong trip, take 10 grams of Magic Truffles per person.
  • For an overwhelming trip, take 15 grams of Magic Truffles per person.

Use of Magic Truffles

Eat Magic Truffles raw. For the best effects, take on an empty stomach. Make sure you eat your last meal a minimum of 2-4 hours before your trip. We recommend to abstain from caffeinated drinks.

Chew the Truffles well; it helps the body to absorb the psychoactive compounds and it helps against nausea.

Don’t fancy the taste of Magic Truffles? Eat the Truffles with a handful of nuts, some tea or in a soup to mask the flavour. Never boil the truffles, this affects their potency!


Don’t combine with other drugs and/or alcohol.

Don’t use in combination with medication and MAO inhibitors.

Don’t use in cases of depression or sensitivity to psychosis.

Don’t use when pregnant or breastfeeding.

Don’t use if younger than 18 years of age.


A truffle or sclerotium is a living product. It might be possible that air (especially CO²) is trapped inside the package. This will make the sclerotia continue to grow and white "hairs" will appear on the outside of the truffles. This is the mycelium and shows the truffles are healthy. This is edible and doesn’t affect the trip

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Herkunft Niederlande
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12 Artikel

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Stunning! Kundenmeinung von Francesco
I had a pretty intense trip eating a whole bag. Nice visuals, great sensation and overall, an amazing experience! (Veröffentlicht am 01.10.2023)
Interesting intense trip Kundenmeinung von Leife
I can recommend Holandia truffles. I was pleasantly surprised that the effect and trip was exactly same as on magic mushrooms. I would definitely recommend it to anyone that doesnt feel like growing mushrooms at home (Veröffentlicht am 03.01.2023)
I was surprised Kundenmeinung von Vasili francesco
I was surprised by the visual effect but above all by the influence on mood, very positive and intense (but it is always all relative) as always top (Veröffentlicht am 23.11.2022)
Great product! Kundenmeinung von Michel
Fast delivery and great product! (Veröffentlicht am 10.05.2022)
Good service - fast Kundenmeinung von Tom
Good and fast service and feedback!! (Veröffentlicht am 22.04.2022)
Life changing Kundenmeinung von HAKIM
If you are lucky enough, it will show you what divine love truly means. (Veröffentlicht am 15.06.2021)
Powerful Kundenmeinung von davide
Perfect in every way, incredible for spiritual introspection & learning (Veröffentlicht am 12.06.2021)
4 Kundenmeinung von Pierpaolo
Molto simili a gli utopia, viaggi molto profondi , ci si perde nelle ore del viaggio come se il tempo si fosse fermato. (Veröffentlicht am 06.06.2021)
XXXL Kundenmeinung von Gaetan
Ben, les hollandia's , ils assurent. . . . Comme prévu. . .
Mais ceux qui ont goûtés les Mc kennia en champis. . . C pas mal non plus. . Lol. Gae (Veröffentlicht am 08.02.2018)
My fave truffles hollandia Kundenmeinung von Stevie
I order from magic mushroom shop regularly, the hollandia are now my fave truffle selection, having tried most other's these by far are the strongest. Fantastic visuals open and closed eye, great to do alone and in a group, I would suggest taking the whole lot. But also do suggest some caution as these should not be taken by beginners. These beat dragons dynamite hands down! My last 3 orders have been the hollandia and will be ordering again soon. Fast service, great quality product, always arrives when stated it will, great web site, keep up the good work. (Veröffentlicht am 21.01.2018)
Utopia Kundenmeinung von Graham
Order with confidence communication is great and my truffles arrived quickly and were enjoyed by all (Veröffentlicht am 17.01.2018)
Hollandia truffle Kundenmeinung von Graham
Great service so would happily recommend!
Items arrived quickly and as described we had a great time on them (Veröffentlicht am 17.01.2018)

12 Artikel

pro Seite
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