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Trip sitter

A trip sitter is a person who remains sober when other persons are under the influence of a drugs. The trip sitter is there to help and ensure safety of the users during there trip. A sitter can help you when you have a bad trip or just get the drinks and some food.

What's a good trip sitter?

As a sitter you should know what kind of drugs people are taking and what the effects will be. A person who has experience with different kinds of drugs, like LSD, magic mushrooms or salvia would be ideal. Some basic first aid skills would be pleasant too. But the most important it must be a person that you trust en will take care of you.

Timothy Leary about trip sitting:

“The guide must never be bored, talkative, intellectualizing. He must remain calm during the long periods of swirling mindlessness. He is the ground control in the airport tower. Always there to receive messages and queries from high-flying aircraft. Always ready to help navigate their course, to help them reach their destination. An airport-tower-operator who imposes his own personality, his own games upon the pilot is unheard of. The pilots have their own flight plan, their own goals, and ground control is there, ever waiting to be of service. The pilot is reassured to know that an expert who has guided thousands of flights is down there, available for help. But suppose the flier has reason to suspect that ground control is harboring his own motives and might be manipulating the plane toward selfish goals. The bond of security and confidence would crumble.” (from “The Psychedelic Experience: a manual based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead”, by Timothy Leary et al (1964))

Just sit

As a trip sitter be prepared to be bored, get you're self something to read or do while other people are exploring the dimension of there minds. But do not bother the other people. It's you're job to act and only to act when others ask you to or if any pre- trip agreements are broken. So if you want to help, not join in, clean up, care and do research and have experience with the drug that will be used. You are the trip sitter for the next ride! Sitters or guides This is a very good site to read some more Read more about Bad trip Read or responsible use page Have a save and pleasant sit! Magic Mushrooms Shop

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