Shipping Information

Where do we ship to

Not all products are shipped to all countries, some products have shipping restrictions. You can find these restrictions in the product's additional information. Be aware that it is the customers responsibility to order only those products that are legal in their country. is not aware of every legal status of our products in other countries. For more information, we advise you to check with the laws of your local authorities.

Currently we ship to every country except for:

Australia, China, Finland, Indonesia, Iran, New Zealand, North Korea, Norway, Pakistan, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine and United States. List is not complete!

We ship continental only! This means mainland Europe, UK and Ireland only, no Greek, Spanish, Danish or other islands. We are free to cancel and refund your order when you do order or to charge you the full shipping costs.

Shipping Address

Make sure that the shipping address is a residential or a company address. We do not check addresses for mistakes, typo's or missing numbers. Please make sure your address is right and check your order and payment confirmation. Both will have the shipping address in it. If you want to make changes to your address contact us before we ship your package.  

Do not use a P.O. Box, Post office or packing station as a shipping address.

Shipping Confirmation and Updates

When we receive your payment, your order will be shipped the same or the next day. A confirmation email including your tracking code is sent to you when your parcel is shipped. Please read the details on the tracking website of the courier. Information on delivery date, address errors, pick up points, other information and updates are provided on the site. Use your tracking number and link from the shipping notification email to get there.

Always reply and act on emails or requests from the shipper (UPS, PostNL or other). Call the shipper before you contact us, they can make and process changes much faster. When you fail to respond, it will result in extra costs for reshipping or replacing products. We will not refund a payment when a package returns to us. We can send the package again as it is if the contents are suitable to be shipped again. When the returned package holds perishable products such as truffles, grow kits, cacti or substrate mixes, the contents will be destroyed.


All our packages are shipped discretely. There is no indication on the contents of the parcel anywhere on the outside of the box. The packages do not contain invoices, packaging lists or instructions. These are only available digitally and a copy can be requested at any time.

Note: When shipping outside of the EU, we are obliged to put an invoice on the outside of the parcel that has been generated by the shipping company. Growkits and spores are always mentioned with a vague but valid description and the prices are ex VAT / TAX. Customers outside of the EU are likely to be charged additional Duty and TAX upon delivery.

What shipping methods can I choose from?

We try to offer the lowest price possible and to ensure you get your parcel quickly and undamaged on your doorstep. at the moment we have Postnl and UPS shipping.

UPS is the recommended shipping method. It is fast and door to door delivery. Communication is clear and 99% of the packages arrrives on time without any issues. Packages will be offered 1 time and when no one is home, brought to a UPS Access Point nearby where you can pick up your parcel at your own convenience. (Pick it up within 5 days to enjoy customer support for your refrigerated products)

Postnl is cheaper can take a bit longer, but will get your package to you. Plee notice that Postnl will use other companies to deliver your package. You can expect some lack of information and service. Packages wil be offered 1-2 times.

Shipping method Real time tracking


We offer the package to PostNL. PostNL will have sister comanies deliver the package in your country. Sister companies can be Yodel, DPD; GLS; MRW; Local postal services or other companies.
UPS Standard / Express Saver
Yes Fast shipping. Parcels arrive quickly and there are up to three delivery attempts in case the recipient is not at home.

Deliver to UPS Access Point

(selected countries)

 Yes Choose a UPS Access Point nearby your desired location and have your parcel delivered there with the reliabale speed of UPS. We recommend this method.
Pick up the parcel at your own convenience, but within 5 days to enjoy lasting customer support.

How much do I pay for shipping?

The prices depend on several conditions: the country of destination, the shipping method, and the total weight of your order. If you are interested in how much shipping will cost, it is easy to find out.

Here is how:

1. Add the product(s) to your cart 2. In your shopping cart, select the country of shipment, fill in your Zipcode and click on the button "Get a quote".  3. The available shipping methods and the prices including tax are now shown underneath.



How long will it take for my order to arrive?

As soon as we have shipped your order it can take several business days for your parcel to arrive.

UPS Standard

Look at the picture below to see how many business days it may take for your parcel to arrive when you choose for the UPS Standard service.



Below you will find an indication of the shipping duration provided by PostNL. Note thas this is only an indication, actual shipment may take longer. It may be that we do not ship to the countries below, or the shipping method is not available for your country.



Days in Transit 

  Country Days in Transit
  Andorra 2 - 3    Liechtenstein  3 - 4
  Austria 2 - 3    Lithuania  10 - 12
  Belgium 2 - 3    Luxembourg  2 - 3
  Bulgaria 7 - 9    Macedonia  7 - 9
  Croatia 7 - 9    Malta  5 - 7
  Czech Republic 5 - 6    Monaco  2 - 3
2 - 3    Norway  3 - 4
  Estonia 10 - 12    Poland  5 - 6
  Finland 2 - 3    Portugal  4 - 5
  France 2 - 3    Romenia  7 - 9
  Germany 2 - 3    Serbia  7 - 9
  Greece 5 - 7    Slovenia  7 - 9
  Hungary 6 - 7    Slovakia  7 - 9
  Iceland 4 - 5    Spain  3 - 4
  Ireland 2 - 3    Sweden  2 - 3
  Italy 3 - 4    Switzerland  2 -3
  Latvia 10 - 12    Turkey  8 - 10

Return policy

Read about returning and refunding


Please note: For delivery outside the Netherlands it is recommended to put your phone number in the shipping information. Because:

When delivery is late, something is wrong or you are not at home, the postal service / UPS can contact you for further information, ie. an address or a new delivery appointment.