Oh no, my magic mushroom kit won’t grow!

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We’ve all been there! Very excited to harvest our fresh magic mushroom kit in a few days. But after 10, 11, 12 days you start to wonder; when will my beautiful magic mushrooms start to grow? Sometimes a grow kit takes a little longer than expected. Let's take a look at these type of grow kits!

Nature mushroom

Cultivation is a natural process. Meaning, magic mushroom kits aren’t machines. Different kits and strains can have their own personality and characteristics. A part of the rewarding experience of cultivation is understanding these characteristics. Learning how to approach your magic mushroom kits can help you optimize your yield. And that’s what it’s all about, right ;)?

The vast majority of the kits deliver the expected results. There are a few strains (Supa Envy, Mexican, Burma) that can take up to 21 days before they start to grow. But the most kits should show some pins within 2 weeks. Once in a while you’ll get a kit that isn’t showing signs of growth within the first 2 weeks. We’ve categorized these kits in lazy, unhappy and sleepy kits.

lazy mushroom

Lazy kits (15 days)

Some kits are just a little bit lazy. They’re very comfortable and like to take their time before they take off. You can expect these kits to grow within the first 15 days. Lazy kits take a little more time than usual, but when they arrive they are ready to have some fun!

Unhappy kits (15-21 days)

Are you waiting more than 15 days? Then it’s possible that you’re dealing with a grow kit that's unhappy with the growing conditions. If this is the case, consider changing these 3 different elements:

  • Lighting: Is your kit standing next to a window, in a dark place or a place where the light doesn’t go off? Consider changing this. We recommend putting the kit in a normal living room setting; indirect sunlight during the day and darkness during night time. Or to use a quote:

"Psilocybe mushrooms are unlike plants in their lighting requirements.
They use light only to stimulate growth, not as an energy source, and they
only require short daily periods of it to fruit successfully. A good rule of
thumb is that if the space is lit sufficiently to see well, it should support
fruiting just fine." (Mushroom Handbook  EASY INDOOR & OUTDOOR CULTIVATION
by L.G. Nicholas and Kerry Ogame )

  • Temperature: Between 18-28 °C is the recommended temperature. Some kits like to be warm and cozy on a heating mat. Other kits prefer the room temperature. You might have to change the set-up of the heating mat if your kit isn’t growing after 15 days.
  • Placing: Some cultivators put their kits in a custom made cultivation construction. It might work 9 times. But the 10th kit might prefer to stay in the soaking bag and just sit on the kitchen table. Think about changing the placing if the kit isn’t growing in the current conditions.

No worries! All it takes is a small change to turn your grow kit into a happy grow kit :).

Sleepy kit

Sleeping kits (>21 days)

Magic mushroom grow kits should show some pins within the first 21 days. If a kit doesn’t grow at all in the first 21 days, then there’s a chance that your kit is sleeping. Sleeping kits won’t start growing until you awaken them. But how do we awaken a sleeping kit? With a cold shock! To do this, take the grow kit (with soaking bag) and put it in the refrigerator (2 - 7°C) for one night (8-12 hours). After this, place the grow kit back on the original warm spot. Wait a few days till a week before the pins start to show.

This is a very helpful strategy and has worked many times.

So now you know!

What to do when your mushrooms won’t grow! Following the right instructions is very important. But providing the right conditions is just as important. Some kits are more flexible than others. Paying daily attention to your grow kit is very important to make sure your grow kit is satisfied, and stays satisfied. If you have more questions about your magic mushroom grow kit, read our FAQ or get in touch with our help desk.