Storage Bags Mushroom Lady 150 x 200 mm | G-rollz Amsterdam | Large

Ideal bag to store your harvest of dried mushrooms, herbs and microdosing capsules

With the size 15 cm x 20 cm makes the bag big enough to store a couple of harvests of mushrooms. Make sure to dry before storage.

The storeage bags are smellproof, waterproof, foodsafe, reusable and provide UV protection.

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These storage bags can be use for different substances. Store you fresh weed and herbs, or dried mushrooms and capsules.

No fresh Mushrooms, Yes dried Mushrooms

Before your store your mushrooms in the storage bag make sure they are cracker dry, and add a silica gel pack to absorb any remaining moisture.

Do not use these bags to store fresh mushrooms. If you want to store fresh mushrooms, use a paper bag fold the top and store in a refrigerator. Optional to add a folded paper towel to absorb excess moist. The mushrooms will remain good for a few days.

Product details:

Length in cm: 20 Height in cm: 15

Brand: Groll z Collector

Size: 150 X 200 MM

How to use

  1. Open the bag
  2. Make room with your hand or fingers
  3. Add your prodcut
  4. Close the bag


  • Longer storgage of substances.
  • No smells


G-Rollz Amsterdam, Is a cool-ass manufacturer of rolling papers, trays, storage bags and other smoking stuff. They provide "The Most Natural Rolling Experience"

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