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Champignon Magique Amsterdam
Truffes Magiques High Hawaiians | 22 grammes

Truffes Magiques High Hawaiians | 22 grammes

Experience intense open and closed eye visuals and enter the warm dream world with colorful mandalas. The High Hawaiians truffles are the only truffles where the effects come close to the Hawaiian mushrooms. This truffle is NOT for beginners. Experience the ultimate euphoric truffle trip where you will be amazed. Your journey starts here.

19,50 €
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Les truffes donnent un effet psychotrope pendant plusieurs heures. Ayez du respect pour les truffes, sinon elles n’en auront pas pour vous non plus. Lisez attentivement les choses à faire et ne pas faire sur notre Page Utilisation Responsable. Vous y trouverez plein d'informations utiles.

L'âge minimum est de 18 ans, mais nous les recommandons pour des personnes de 21 ans et plus.

Que devez-vous faire avec les truffes

Ne pas ouvrir l’emballage sous vide jusqu'au moment de les manger. Les truffes ne doivent pas être séchées, cuites ou congelées. Elles doivent être mangées à l’état brut.

Comment conserver les truffes

Les truffes High Hawaiians sont disponibles en pack de 22 grammes emballées sous vide. Grâce à ce pack, les truffes peuvent être conservées plus longtemps. Dès la réception du colis, stockez-les tout de suite dans le réfrigérateur (2-8°C). Elles peuvent être gardées de cette façon jusqu'à la date de péremption indiquée sur l'emballage.


Une truffe ou sclérote est un produit vivant. Il est possible que de l'air (surtout du CO²) entre et soit retenu à l'intérieur du pack. Les sclérotes continueraient de croître et des "poils" blancs apparaitraient sur l'extérieur des truffes. C’est le mycélium et cela montre que les truffes sont en bonne santé. C’est comestible et n'aura aucune incidence sur votre trip.

Informations complémentaires

Informations complémentaires

UGS sc-mchh
Poids (KG) 0.0210
Parties 1 - 2
Espèce N/A
Origine États-Unis
Contenu 22g
Puissance Haute
Pas de livraison à: Les pays non UE, Afrique, Asie, Australie, Autriche, Caraïbes, Amérique centrale, Chypre, Danemark, Allemagne, Moyen Orient, Amérique du Sud, Finlande, Israel , Malta, nouvelle-Zélande, Norvège, Russie, Suède, Suisse, Turquie, United Kingom, États-Unis
Informations de livraison

Shipping Restrictions

This product is not shipped to the following regions and or countries:

Les pays non UE, Afrique, Asie, Australie, Autriche, Caraïbes, Amérique centrale, Chypre, Danemark, Allemagne, Moyen Orient, Amérique du Sud, Finlande, Israel , Malta, nouvelle-Zélande, Norvège, Russie, Suède, Suisse, Turquie, United Kingom, États-Unis

Commentaires des clients 23 item(s)

Un soirée magique
Grosse crise de fou rire à n'en plus finir pendant 3h, déformations modérées et augmentation du relief. Pas de redescente brutale, soirée inoubliable.
par Nicolas / (Posté le 02/10/2018)
Un soirée magique
Prise à la montagne en vacances, un soir d'été autour d'un petit pic-nic.
On décide de rentrer tranquilou au bout d'une heure à cause du froid, puis on croise la police municipale. D'un coup, une fois qu'ils sont partis, crise de fou rire pendant 3h au moins à n'en plus finir. Impossible de s'arrêter, nous avons fait des rencontres insolites sur le chemin du retour et ça continuait à l'apparte. En plus de ça, quelques déformations et une augmentation du relief. Soirée inoubliable, je recommande pour ceux qui veulent se lancer, on garde bien sure toute sa lucidité, pas de redescente brutale. Peut juste être un peu difficile à digérer pour certains mais rien de méchant
par Nix / (Posté le 02/10/2018)
I took 15 g and it was magic. It was like a game or a movie I recommend
par Svapdamp / (Posté le 24/02/2018)
Fantastic Product
AMAZING product, discreet packaging. Came pretty quickly.

I had an AMAZING experience with those truffles, I took the whole 22g in some OJ, drank it over the course of 1h-2h because they taste pretty bad. BUT this is the closest thing you'll ever experience to magic in this world. This is purely too incredible to be described by words. I had unbelievable visuals and felt many things I never had before. When I peaked and everything clicked into place, things finally made sense. Being able to experience the world from a whole new perspective for the first time like a newborn is something everyone should try at least once in a lifetime. I tasted the best chocolate in the universe, it connected with the music I was listening to, with the light I could perceive trough my closed eyes as well as the INCREDIBLE visuals that were happening inside me all along. This connection is the purest and most intense thing I ever experienced before. My tongue was a snake dancing and swirling in my mouth, playing in every corner of my mouth.

It's quite hard to put what I experienced into words so i'll just leave it at that.
Some advice :

- Take them on an empty stomach ( I made the mistake to take them raw on a full stomach and ended throwing up the first time)
- Chop and mix them in a drink
- Take your time when drinking it
- Prepare a good playlist to listen to
- Make yourself comfortable, In bed, with blanket
- Make sure to be with people you're comfortable with because you might act weird :p
- Prepare some good snacks (preferably nothing dry like chips), you'll experience taste in a whole new way
- Mint flavored candies helped me get rid of the bad taste of mushies I had in my mouth

par Anthony / (Posté le 27/01/2018)
Experienced tripper and I was blown away! First trip was 13g which gave good a/v distortion, giggles and depth. Second trip was 22g (1 bag) and it was awesome!! Took a while to come up but when I did I just went up and up and up and up..!! The peak lasted for about 30 mins and it was full on... I mean a 'no break' peak just flying. Trip lasted a good 6 hours. Nice come down with a good 3 or 4 hours 'intense' tripping. Will definitely buy more I love this feeling
par Melshrooms / (Posté le 23/02/2017)
I used Hawaiian, very high and colored effects, it's absolutely magic, in contrary at the Dragon's dynamite. 22g I think can be use for three peoples.
par Havoc / (Posté le 12/08/2016)
Took the packet in a oner, Great high and visuals for 3 or 4 hours and a decent long tail off. The packets big enough to split in half and share with someone or to use later.
par Gull / (Posté le 06/07/2016)
What a amazing trip, in some sand dunes in Cornwall :) Great visuals and a great feeling of love and well being. Highly recommend!!
par Katie / (Posté le 05/07/2016)
Prenderne sempre la metà , prestare attenzione per gli effetti ( sopratutto mentali ) di questa tipologia.
Comunque buona esperienza che consiglierei
par Gianmarco / (Posté le 03/07/2016)
good :)
it was my 1st time eating truffles and it was super cool :) will by again :)
par Julius / (Posté le 01/06/2016)
Really the best you can find around, great visuals even if you've just eaten a full meal before taking them. Worth it's price, for an intense trip it's the best way to go!
par Pedro / (Posté le 07/05/2016)
Was good :)
These truffles are awsome but not so hard. :)
par Viktor / (Posté le 17/04/2016)
Great product! Thank you!
par Shasha / (Posté le 26/03/2016)
absolutely totally amazing
Personally I have had a lot of truffle testing and by far these were the best and strongest To date and I had a very powerful and enjoyable liberating expierance. these High Hawaiians were absoloutly Fantastic.... would defo recomennd Previous advice for any truffle taking would be SET & Setting. plan your day and time wisly plan ahead have good music which for me is Psytrance on Youtube. :-) oh and water loads of water
Happy Days
par Iain the voyager / (Posté le 10/10/2015)
Good Product
Very Intense Visual Trip
hit the spots
par N-lunch / (Posté le 06/10/2015)
be cautious
Ok so I took the full 22g. I blended them in 80 degree water with a 1200w blender then used a milk bag to strain (I've had stomach problems in the past). I've tried nearly all the truffled on here now and done mushrooms (liberty caps) and I can't really say there is a massive difference. However this time definitely felt like the most powerful trip I've had all round. I love going on my own in a dark room, closing my eyes and letting the magic happen. This time, however, it was just too powerful. I had something on my mind and boy it sprang to life in trip and I was in a bad way for a bit. I blame this on my own stupidity for dosing too high. Up until that point the visual were the best I'd had and as usual I felt as calm as could be. These are very legit. I recommend only to advanced trippers or taking a 17g dose for first time taking this type. Insane close eye visuals, to a point where you don't even think about where your existing any more.
par Lee / (Posté le 25/09/2015)
Flying high
Had 44g of these bad boys and 15g Atlantis and 15g of tempanesis split between 4 ppl.
I blended them up with a little water wasn't to bad to drink and was only about half a cup of,
Took at 7pm and was felling the effect by half7 at 7:45 we were all flying, laughing for about 2 hours very visual and you could see the music waves every tune brought a different pattern and colour it was amazing after half 9 started to ware off and at 10:30 felt normal again. Absolutely brilliant stuff defo recommend.
par Daz / (Posté le 12/09/2015)
great in nature
The package and the transportation worked like a charm as always. I took half together with my wife and went hiking on a 5 km mountain route on the valley of stunning river. The effect was not as strong as expected but still a good mean of getting in touch with yourself and nature. Would try a higher dose next time.
par Ciprian / (Posté le 09/09/2015)
What you should know
Truffles give a mind-altering effect for several hours. Have respect for
the truffles or they will not have it for you, but the truffles can not be
compared to the mushrooms. They give nice colors and a warm feeling, but
not for a long time. Truffles are difficult to eat, they taste like
rotten wood. If you are looking for higher trip you have to eat two
packages. We took 1 package each time: 1.) It was a lot of colors and a
nice worm feeling. The next week was a funny trip. The last week was hard
to tell if you're high or not... Overall it is a nice drug, and we
recommended it :) But if you're looking for something stronger, then we
recommended the mushrooms.
par TF / (Posté le 07/09/2015)
Amazing packaging, not wasteful at all and product was fresh. I did about 18g of the nicest looking truffles over 30 minutes chewing with water. Not many visuals but very social and euphoric mood. I'd recommend these for somebody who has experience with psychedelics and is comfortable with the thought streams that come, definitely will take with friends next time. You can tell the potential for visuals is there in the full 22g dose consumed in a short amount of time, I may also try these in tea form by myself one day.
par Dave / (Posté le 18/07/2015)
Nice, but not as intense as expected
I tried these purely because of the dosage (22 g). Usually truffles are packed for 15 g, but this one had a higher amount and I thought this was the reason it should give a stronger trip. Although the trip was good, it wasn't as intense as I expected. Dragon truffles were certainly more intense for me, but the results could vary based on the individual.
par Pacific / (Posté le 13/06/2015)
Great product, took it with five friends, I ate the 22 grams, effects came a bit slower than usually but were much more intense, felt like being in 2001 space odysey last part: Jupiter and beyond, lots of visual effects and also some physical intensity (didn't have sex for a while but felt like it ). Some of my friends only ate half and they also had great visual effects. I really recommend it !
par Pedro / (Posté le 06/06/2015)
By far my favourite out of the selection on this site. I like an intense trip with lots of visuals and these do just that. The nearest thing to the mushrooms we get and the beauty of it I can buy all year round.
par ryan / (Posté le 22/03/2015)

Informations importantes Truffes Magiques High Hawaiians | 22 grammes

  • Pour commander ce produit vous devez avoir 18 ans ou plus.
  • Ces produits ne seront expédiés que vers certains pays en Europe.
  • L'utilisation de ce produit est à vos propres risques. Assurez-vous d'être bien informé sur la façon de l'utiliser et sur les effets.