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Vapman Classic Portable Vaporizer

The Vapman Classic Portable Vaporizer is the choice if you are looking for stealth and flexibility. It is a durable Swizz made direct draw vaporizer. You decide how to use it and get the sweet vapor out of the Vapman. Never low on battery, because it hase none! Use a butane torch lighter and directly heat the Micra layer on the bottom. Take a hit and relax.

The Vapman Classic Available in: Red, Green, Blue and Yellow.

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Disponibilidade: Indisponível Discontinued

Preço Normal: 129,00 €

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Descrição do Produto

The Vapman Classic contains a mica heating protection.The Classic is oiled with Linseed oil, contributing to its durability.

Container, in green, blue, red or yellow is made of quality plastic with pressure lock. Open the container by pressing on the sides.

In order to achieve an optimum impact and maximum safety with the vapman, no compromises have been made while choosing its materials and components. These are all made in Switzerland

Content of The Vapman Classic

  • 1 Vapman Vaporizer ( Classic)
  • 1 hard plastic case
  • 1 funnel tube

    How to use the Vapman

    1. Take out the middle section (turn anti-clockwise).
    2. Insert the funnel tube. Hold the Vapman vertically and fill in the heating pan. Make sure it is not overfilled as that would prevent the air from circulating freely.
    3. Remove the funnel tube and any herbs fallen off the edge of the pan.
    4. Replace the middle section.
    5. Bring the flame jet to the edge of the copper pan.
    6. Depending on flame size it takes 2- 6 seconds to start vaporizing. Do not overheat.
    7. After heating inhale gently and deeply through the mouthpiece.

    How to take care of your Vapman: Maintenance

    1. Remove residue with a needle and make sure that the air-holes in the middle section are not blocked.
    2. Unscrew filter regularly and clean with alcohol.
    3. Clean mouthpiece with hot water or methylated spiri ts.
    4. Chamber can be cleaned with a cotton bud soaked in alcohol.
    5. Do not heat the heat protection part (mica)


    • Wood: pear tree, fine sanded, oiled (Linseed-oil) and polished
    • Mouthpiece: POM plastic, white
    • Diameter: 41mm
    • Hight: 62mm
    • Weight: 20gr.


    During phyto-inhalation, herbal agents are inhaled by means of a vaporizer. This can be for purposes of medical self-treatment or for the enjoyment of herbs or aromatic substances. Phyto-inhalation produces no smoke, and the vapours contain exclusively the concentrated ingredients of the plants. Herbs can therefore be consumed free of pollutant

    Vapman vaporizer user video instructions

    Informação Adicional
    Informação Adicional
    SKU vap-vm-c
    Mobility Portable
    Optimal Load Não
    Vapor Production Não
    Temperature control User skill
    Temperature range Não
    Battery Life Não
    Can use oil Não
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