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Mulungu Erythrina mulungu - Herbs of Gods

Mulungu is a natural tranquilizer from Brazil, perhaps even the most popular one! It gives you a very relaxed and (light) euphoric feeling.

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The Mulungu originally grows in South- and Central-America, most commonly in Brazil. The flowers have the same colour as orange coral, and therefore the plant is sometimes called “coral flower”. The botanical name is Erythrina Verna, or Erythrina Mulungu.

Both the bark and the root of the tree are consumed to gain relaxation; the Erythrina is a very popular sedative. It has mood-elevating effects and can be used to improve or gain a healthy sleep-pattern. Consumption of the Mulungu can help you to restore balance in your life during stressful periods of times of anxiety. It works on the nervous system and lowers blood pressure.


Make a decoction of the herb. Use 2 teaspoons of the herb for 250 ml of boiling water. Let it simmer for 20 minutes, covered with a lit. Afterwards, cool the drink and strain it, to prepare it for consumption. A normal, daily dose is half a cup of this decoction.

Warning! Consumption of the Mulungu may cause drowsiness. It can be dangerous to use the herb when you have a low blood pressure, or when you take blood pressure medication.


Herbs of the Gods have collected high quality herbs since 1999. They have a selection of relaxing, stimulating and psychoactive herbs, that can be consumed by eating, drinking in teas or with a vaporizer.

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Informação Adicional
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