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Coca Candy | 14 pieces

These coca candy drops contain a 100% natural extract of the coca plant. These energizing candies have stimulating effects. They’re great for boosting energy or concentration!
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Descrição do Produto


Contains 14 coca candy drops (50 grams).

Use of Coca candy

These coca candy drops contain a 100% natural coca plant extract. The leaves of the coca plant are the natural source of cocaine. The cocaine content of coca leaves tends to fluctuate around 0.5%, so no need to worry: coca extract isn’t quite as intense as sniffing a line of coke. These energizing coca candy drops have mildly stimulating effects, like drinking a few cups of coffee. They make for a great snack to boost energy and concentration!


Glucose, sugar, coca extract, chlorofyll, honey, citric acid, plant extracts, natural essence.


The coca plant (Erythoxylon coca) has been used by the peoples inhabiting the countries where it was originally found (Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador) for hundreds of years. The leaves are traditionally chewed or drunk as a tea. Coca has stimulating effects. Chewing coca leaves is also said to also relieve hunger and cure altitude sickness. Coca is popular amongst South American miners, who rely on its energizing effects to do their hard physical labour.


Bruma’s Impex imports food and non food products to the Netherlands from all over the world. Owing to his long travels through South America and the Caribbean, CEO founder/explorer Mr. Bruma knows this corner of the world like the back of his hand. He has gone places where tourists have barely set foot. The nicest, most authentic products he finds on his journeys, travel back with him to his customers in the Netherlands.

Informação Adicional
Informação Adicional
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Conteúdo 50g
Origem Peru
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