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FreshMushroom Kit de cultivo de cogumelos mágicos - Cambodian XP

The Cambodian magic mushroom kit will grow you spiritual shrooms. Turn up the heat because the Cambodian strain is a heat loving shroom. Found by the temples of Angkor Wat the Cambodia strain send out some mystic and holistic vibes. The 100% mycelium Cambodian FreshMushroom grow kit grows fast and is completely maintenance-free. The XP stands for Extra Potency!

    • Fast growing: 1 week to first pins
    • High yields: Up to 4 flushes. (with excellent conditions)
    • High Potency: According the supplier the XP (Extra Potent) strains are twice as potent!
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42,00 €
Descrição do Produto

Growing mushrooms with the Cambodian XP Fresh Mushrooms Grow Kits is extremely easy. These kits are completely maintenance-free thanks to a fully colonized substrate without fillers. You hardly have to do anything to get your first flush with high levels of psilocin. Follow the instructions below and you will be assured a high harvest of mushrooms!

  • Fast growing: 1 week to first pins
  • High yields: Up to 4 flushes. (with excellent conditions)
  • High Potency: According the supplier the XP (Extra Potent) strains are twice as potent!

Contents of Cambodian XP Mushroom Grow Kit

  • 1x Cambodian Mushrooms Grow box – This contains rye substrate with active mycelium
  • 1x Growbag – The bag has filters across the bag.
  • 2x paperclip – For closing the grow bag.

You need

  • Misting Bottle  – Misting is needed for the humidity level
  • Potable water – For misting and soaking
  • Clean environment – Work clean to give other fungi and bacteria (micro organisms) no chance to contaminate.


We recommend using


How to prepare the room and yourself before you begin

  • Close any open windows. Wind or draft may bring micro organisms that can contaminate the Magic Mushroom grow kit.
  • When taking out the grow box with the cake from the carton box, put it on a disinfected surface. If this surface would not be clean, micro organisms may attach to the grow box and will flourish inside the Magic Mushroom grow kit, and will contaminate the grow box.
  • Make sure you work with clean hands and arms. We recommend using surgical gloves or a good disinfectant when handling the kit. You should use a facemask to avoid breathing into the grow bag and on the cake.

Instructions: Starting the Magic Mushroom grow kit

1. Take the magic mushroom grow kit, plastic bag and paperclip out of the box. Remove the lid of the mushroom grow kit (store the lid properly). Rinse the lid under running water. You will need it again later (step 7).

2.Place the mushroom grow kit without lid in the plastic grow bag (opening at the top). Slide the opening of the bag under the bottom with the micro perforation pointing upwards. The opening of the bag is now largely closed. You do not have to worry about air circulation.

3. When you see the first small mushrooms ( called pins), you can put the grow bag upright. Do not water! The first magic mushrooms will be visible after about 1 week.

4. Place the mushroom grow kit in an area with enough daylight and at a temperature between 18 °C and 28 °C. NEVER place the grow kit in direct sunlight. Although mushrooms will grow at almost any temperature above 15 °C, 23 °C is the ideal temperature for an optimal harvest. Special heat mats are available to ensure this temperature and not have to heat the entire room.

5. When the mushrooms are slightly bigger as the pins keep the bag a bit open the entire time so the moisture can evaporate (Phase 2). Too much moisture is not good.

The first mushrooms will be visible after approximately 1 week. Your first harvest will be about a week later. Make sure that you harvest before the first spores begin to fall! Freshmushrooms grow kits produce their first harvest fairly quickly. The first buds are already visible after only 1 week. Low and high temperatures may slightly delay this growth process. As soon as the buds are visible, stop spraying the inside of the bag. It usually takes one to two weeks before the mushrooms are fully developed.

6.These kits can produce several mushroom harvests. To do so, fill the kit with clean tap water after the first harvest. This process is known as cold shock. It breathes new life into the mycelium and ensures that enough moisture is present for the mushrooms to grow.

7. Place the lid of the grow Kit back on the kit. Let the kit rest for 12 hours. Open a corner of the lid and drain the excess water. From here you can follow the instructions from step 1 again. This process can be repeated several times.

Growing with heatingmat (use only for this kit)

Place the plastic bag with the Grow Kit in it on the heat mat. Switch the heat mat on. After two days switch the heat mat off and wait until the buds have developed, which usually takes between five and ten days. Then switch the heat mat on again and open the top of the bag a little so the moisture can evaporate.

What to do if the buds haven’t developed after ten days. Take the cake out of the plastic box, put it back in the plastic box on its side and start again with two days with the heat mat.

How to store the grow kit correctly

It is recommended to start the cultivation process right away. If you decide to start growing later, you may store themagic mushroom grow kit inside a Soaking Bag in the refrigerator (2°C to 8°C) for 4 weeks after the production date.


The ideal temperature is 24°C. Do not have the temperature drop under 18°C and not exceed 29°C. To keep the temperature from dropping under the 18°C, you can use a thermo mat to maintain the ideal temperature. A thermo mat is a must-have in the winter or colder regions of the world.


The magic mushroom grow kit only needs light for the mycelium to ‘understand’ it has reached the surface. Only then, mushrooms will grow. A few hours of fluorescent/artificial light or indirect sunlight a day is more than enough. Direct sunlight kills the mycelium, so avoid the sun to shine directly on the grow kit.


If the conditions are optimal, you can expect the first small mushrooms (the pins) to appear between 7 and 10 days. This also depends on the strain. Some cubensis strains grow slower than others.


The mushrooms come up in groups. This can be a small or large group. That depends on the strain. A growth like this is called a flush. Mushrooms are almost never ripe at the same time. You can get more than one flush out of a kit. The first two flushes are the largest. When more flushes come, they will be smaller than the previous one.


Mushrooms are ripe and should be picked when the veil between the hat and the stem has just torn. Don’t wait much longer. Use surgical gloves or disinfect your hands, wrists and arms. Pick the mushrooms that are ripe and let the others continue to grow. The cake has no top layer such as vermiculite. This makes is much easier to pick the mushrooms than with the standard grow kits. The mushrooms can easily be pulled out of the cake by holding them between thumb and index finger. They mushrooms let go almost immediately. When most of the larger mushrooms have been picked, also pick the smaller ones and the pins as well.

Mushrooms that grow from the sides

Mushrooms grow where the light reaches and where there is little penetrating resistance. Because the cake has light shining on the sides, the mushrooms might also grow there. It is hard to counter this and can be allowed. Some growers wrap the sides of the grow box in aluminum foil to keep the sides dark, but this doesn’t always work well.

When mushrooms grow there, they can be picked just before you soak the kit:

Clean hands! Take the grow box out of the bag and place it upside down on your other hand. Wiggle the plastic box so that the cake will fall out, onto your hand. The plastic box can be placed on a disinfectant surface. Now you have this hand free to pick the mushrooms from the sides of the cake. When all mushrooms are picked, you can place the cake back as it was, in the plastic box and continue to the soaking process.

The end

When no more mushrooms grow out of a grow kit after the second flush for at least three weeks, or when the Magic Mushroom grow kit turns green, red, grey or yellow; the grow kit can be disposed of.  The change in color is a sign that the grow kit is contaminated with another fungus or a bacteria. No more mushrooms will grow out of the Psilocybe cubensis Magic mushroom grow kit and the grow kit should be thrown away in the garbage outside.


When you are too late picking the mushrooms, they will drop their spores. The cake and the mushrooms will turn black/purple (some other cubensis strains red/brown) because of the spores. This is not really a problem; it just doesn’t look very pretty. When mushrooms release their spores, they also start to degrade and the active ingredients are breaking down. Mushrooms will lose some of their potency.

Be sensible

Check out the responsible use page for more information on do’s and don’ts.

This kit is meant for small-scale home use only.

Informação Adicional
Informação Adicional
SKU fm-ca
Weight (KG) 1.1000
Tipo Growkit FreshMushrooms
Dificuldade Fácil
Tamanho Normal
Species Psilocybe cubensis
Origem Amazonas
Potencia Normal / Alto
Optimum cultivation temperature 24ºC
Yield (from) 100 grams
Yield (to) 300 grams
Water Spray Needed Yes
Não enviados para: Países não pertencentes à UE, África, Ásia, Austrália, Caribe, América Central, Chipre, Dinamarca, Alemanha, Iran, Ireland, Oriente Médio, Ámérica do Sul, Canadá, Estônia, Finlândia, Israel , Nova Zelândia, Noruega, Rússia, Suécia, Suíça, Turquia, United Kingdom, Estados Unidos
Análises de clientes (17)
Cambodian trip 0.5g
So my first flush yielded abour 11grams dry. Second flush was just 6 mushrooms with two big ones and the rest being side mushies. It's going for it's third flush now, let's see what will happen.

I took 0.5g in the dunes today and forgot about the fact that they were XP. I felt super scattered mentally, vision was ultra HD with a zoom in ability. Kinda like ultra focus and background blur.

Felt kinda euphoric and warm/cold flashes. Also a headbuzz and a bit of paranoia. Felt very manic although I'm in a good place physically and mentally. Just on 0.5g I tripped and was mentally super scattered and physically also.

I felt nauseous even though I didn't eat anything and also I got a headache, which still lasts after hours after the come down. Other than that it almost felt like I had a fever and was intoxicated. Once tripped on 2,5g of mckennaii and had an amazing obe alonf with weed and chocolate. Maybe today wasn't the day.

Overall, I could say that potency wise they truly are double XP.
The other effects are of course personal and vary per person.
Analisado por Myco spirit (Colocado em 17/02/2019)
Easy grow,good trip
Easy grow,good trip, Analisado por Johan (Colocado em 18/12/2018)
Nie wieder!
Habe schon viele Boxen gehabt von anderen Anbietern und war immer zufrieden! Hier jedoch Qualität sowie Ertrag einfach nur mies....

MMS Support bearbeiten: Bitte wenden Sie sich an unseren Kundensupport, damit wir Ihnen bei Ihrer Beschwerde helfen können!
Analisado por timo (Colocado em 02/11/2018)
Bought the mushrooms, grew them, it happened quite quickly too. Moslty grew on the sides of the package. Ate them but I didn't feel anything. NOT A THING ( except a headache hours later)
Why could that be?

Customer Support Edit: We would like to help you. Please send an e-mail to [email protected] for more information on this complaint.
Analisado por Octavio (Colocado em 01/10/2018)
My first time growing AND eating mushrooms. Order and delivery was impeccable and fast.
Growing was super easy and hassle free, although lots of mushrooms grew and got "trapped" on the sides of the package. picked them up, dried them, grinned them and now is when my disappointment comes. took a 1,5 dose and NOTHING Happened. no colours, no trip, no nothing. It felt like a mild E pill. Why could that be?

### Edit by MMS: Hi! Please contact our Support and tell us some more about your grow. Maybe we can help out! ###
Analisado por Otto (Colocado em 23/09/2018)
Wächst problemlos
allles OK Analisado por Thomas (Colocado em 15/09/2018)
Really Good Flush
Happy Farmer Experience, 5 flushs and more if more care and attention.
Highly recommended to chill the bodymind and treat anxiety.
Analisado por Paulinhx (Colocado em 06/09/2018)
Cambodian Delight
A really nice flush on the first one and a few more after. Very nice strain... lots of fun Analisado por Serina (Colocado em 05/06/2018)
Cambodian Delight
A really nice flush on the first one and a few more after. Very nice strain... lots of fun Analisado por Serina (Colocado em 05/06/2018)
Ce kit de culture est vraiment bien.
Pas beaucouo d'entretien et il y a un très bon rendement.
Je recommande
Analisado por Jennie (Colocado em 26/05/2018)
Great flushes & trips!
I had ordered this mushrooms growkit on april 5th 2018, it arrived very quickly on april 6th.

I started immediately with the growing process.
The first flush was ready to harvest in just 10 days, I harvested 160 grams. (I did not spray the insides of the growbag, just opened the bag once a day because the bag was deflating a little bit as time passed by)

After the harvest I soaked the growkit for 12 hours and put it back in the bag. In just a short 11 days the second flush was ready to harvest, this time it was 50 grams.
So the grand total is: 210 grams of fresh mushrooms.

Now to evaluate the trips! :)
The trips were really extravagant and exceptionally good!!
These Cambodian mushrooms are really out of this world, the bodyvibes were a real treat for the body (it felt like an underskin scrubbing massage).
And we (again) laughed ourselves almost to death, with programs like " Jersey Shore: Family Vacation" and "90 Days to wed". ^^

All-in-All these mushrooms really exceeded expectations; I would rate it a A++!

Definitely would recommend this growkit, and will buy again!

[ MMS Edit : We looooooove these kind of experiences and belly aches of laughing too! ]
Analisado por Psychomush (Colocado em 23/05/2018)
Great Grow
Got 4 flushes out of the kit, great amount about 30g dried in total. No complaints a great kit especially for beginners. Analisado por Sid (Colocado em 16/05/2018)
Getting the order and growing that shrooms was as easily as other ones before.., but the trip was much better, me and my friend became old, wise indian men sitting at the water and later dancing shamans in the moonlight. My impression was supermagic, everything seemed to be in a kind of "flow" and even the trip seemed to long shorter than others, but with a more intensive "groundpositivity" Analisado por Max (Colocado em 12/05/2018)
Very good, but i messed up
This kit was very good. First flush i got was about 35 grams of dried mushrooms. Sadly, i burned them all in the oven. Tested the shrooms from the other flushes, about 1g dry and had a very nice trip. Would recomend a lot Analisado por Daniil (Colocado em 07/05/2018)
100% good Analisado por CambodianXP (Colocado em 29/04/2018)
Fun growing
Grow then eat, good fun all the way xx Analisado por maxi (Colocado em 22/03/2018)
Holy shit
The shrooms are beautiful babies that, in the 4th (!)! Flush still produce beautiful big-headed shrooms. They are really XP and I recommend starting with half the dose you usually take. They give a great body high, you will be grinning for 6-8hours straight. You will find the most boring shit so funny. It's amazing. 10/10 would buy, grow and consume again Analisado por Thea (Colocado em 21/03/2018)
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