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De CBChai is een kruidige een smaakvolle thee met toegevoegde CBD rijke Hennep. Chai thee is bekend om zijn kruiden en specerijen en wordt al eeuwen gebruikt om het imuunsysteem te versterken en als antioxidant. Cannabidiol (CBD) heeeft als bijkomend effect dat het gunstig is tegen stress en angsten. Bevat geen THC
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Chakra Chai CBTea is a CBD-rich Herbal tea  from CBDirective


10 bags of 3 grams CBChai Cannabidiol-rich Herbal tea.

IIngredients: Hemp (40%), cinnamon, ginger, black pepper, clove, cardamon, curcuma, rose petals & caraway.

All ingredients Certified Organic. 0% THC

May contain traces of nuts, peanuts and other allergens.

Origin : India(n) Organic Chai & EU Organic Hemp. Blended & distributed in EU.

CBD (Cannabidiol) does not has any psychoactive nor hallucinogenic effects.


 The CBD rich hemp and Chai tea has a warming and uplifting effect on the body and mind. Relaxing and delicous.

Cannabidiol (CBD) has many beneficial effects claimed by research and users.


Pre heat your cup or put with some warm water. Set 1-2 bags of CBChai in a pot and keep warm for 10 - 15 minutes. Use clean and boiled water. Add almond milk for an enriched flavour. Let simmer longer for a stronger taste.

Store the tea bags below 26 degrees Celsuis when not used.

About  CBDirective

We believe that good personal health starts with the right choices in how we live our lives and the products we put into our bodies.CBDirective wants to offer those good choices to the people that are searching for them in the form of high quality CBD products that focus on top quality ingredients with herbs and spices that help the body in multiple ways.

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chá Review by José
Muito bom sabor, calmante e relaxante. (Geplaatst op 27-04-2022)
Relaxing tea Review by Nicolene
I bought this tea for it's CBD properties, hoping that it may help with arthritis pain management. I have found it very relaxing which already is a big help.
Don't forget to add some oil (coconut for me) to help with the CBD absorption. The taste is delicious (Geplaatst op 04-07-2021)

2 artikel(en)

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