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Funghi Allucinogeni Amsterdam
Smart Supplements

Smart Supplements

CBD, Nootropics, party pills and herbal ecstasy. To make you go fast, deep or take off!

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  1. Coca Candy 14 pieces

    Coca Candy | 14 pieces

    Non disponibile
    2,75 €
    Previsto: Tuesday, 25 April

    These coca candy drops contain a 100% natural extract of the coca plant. These energizing candies have stimulating effects. They’re great for boosting energy or concentration! Per saperne di più
  2.  CBChai CBD-rich Herbal Tea CBDirective

    CBChai CBD-rich Herbal tea | CBDirective

    12,50 €
    CBChai is a powerful blend of tea, herbs & spices, containing CBD-rich Hemp. Cherished in India for preserving health & peace of mind, chai enhances the immune system, fights inflammation and has antioxidant properties. The Cannabidiol from cannabis has many beneficial effects among reducing stress and anxiety. Per saperne di più
  3.  CBDoobie Pouch 10 gram

    CBDoobie Pouch 10 gram | CBDirective


    Prezzo di listino: 15,00 €

    Special Price 9,95 €

    CBDoobie Pouch is a herbal supplement consisting of 10 grams high quality CBD-rich hemp flower. Clear Mind, Healthy Body. Per saperne di più
  4. Space E Happy Caps

    Happy Caps | Space- E

    9,50 €
    Happy Caps - Space -E Space-E is now in a new and improved formula! It contains a unique blend of powerful ingredients to fuel your party needs. Trance and Energy. Per saperne di più
  5. Happy Caps - Brian E for the mind!

    Happy Caps | Brain-E

    9,50 €
    Happy Caps - Brian E is an energizer for the mind. It enhances your focus and concentration for hours on end. Energy and concentration. Per saperne di più
  6. Happy Caps Trip-E

    Happy Caps - TRIP-E

    11,00 €
    Happy Caps - TRIP-E are the psychedelic herbal caps you want.! TRIP-E contains Hawaiian Baby Woodrose and Guarana which take you on a visual trip. Per saperne di più
  7.  2 Spicy | Powder (Herbs)

    2 Spicy | Powder

    7,50 €
    2 Spicy is a mix of aromatic herbs that puts you in a euphoric and relaxed state of mind. You can use 2 Spicy to brew a tea. The most important herbal extracts in the mix are Marihuanilla, Wild Dagga and Kratom. Per saperne di più
  8. Capsule Machine

    Capsule Machine | Size 0


    A partire da: 22,75 €

    Per: 29,50 €

    Capsule Machine to make 500mg capsules. Very easy to use! Grind your herbs or shrooms and fill 24 capsules in just a few minutes.

    Capsules available vega and gelatin.

    Per saperne di più
  9. Empty capsules

    Empty capsules Gelatin (Size 0)

    6,50 €

    Empty gelatin capsules size "0" can contain 500 mg of powder or shredded material.

    Contains: 100 caps. Per saperne di più
  10. Empty capsules

    Empty capsules Vega (Size 0)

    7,50 €

    Empty vega capsules size "0" can contain 500 mg of powder or shredded material.

    Contains: 100 vegan caps. Per saperne di più

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10 oggetto(i)