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Volcano Vaporizer Classic | Easy Valve

The high quality Volcano vaporization system is one of the best tabletop machines made for vaporizing your botanical, spices and essential oils. Stop looking for a different vaporizer the Volcano System is a solid vaporizer that is built to last you a lifetime. Go for the trusty rock solid Classic Volcano model with optimal temperature control.

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379,00 €
Description du produit

Volcano the best Vaporization System! Made by Storz & Bickel in Germany

What is the Volcano Classic ?

    The Volcano Classic is a solid stainless steel analog beast, that will feed you vapor for years. One rotary dial button for temperature control makes this table top vaporizer easy to use. It's the vinyl of will always be there.

    What is Easy Valve ?

     TheEasy valve might be a bit more convenient to use with a chamber made of two parts and the balloons being preassembled. It requires no cleaning, when it can no longer be used you replace it with a new one.

      Volcano Vaporizor System comes with

      Every Volcano vaporizer includes the necessary equipment to start Vaping immediately

      • 1 Volcano (hot air generator) Classic or Digital
      • 5 Balloons with mouthpieces Easy Valve and 1 Mouthpiece,
      • 1 "Easy Valve" filling chamber for herbs (of your choice)
      • 6 Normal screens
      • 1 Pad to vaporize liquids
      • 1 Cleaning brush
      • 1 Grinder

      How to use the Volcano Vaporizer

      • Turn on the heat and set temperature
      • Fill the Filling Chamber.
      • Place the Filling Chamber on the VOLCANO and attach the Balloon.
      • Turn ON the AIR.
      • Fill the Balloon with vapor.
      • Turn OFF the AIR.
      • Remove the Valve Balloon and Filling Chamber from the VOLCANO
      • Attach the Mouthpiece and apply the vapor

      Download instruction manual (link upload pdf)

      Volcano System instruction video


      The vaporizor manufacturing company

      Informations complémentaires
      Informations complémentaires
      UGS vap_vul
      Mobility Tabletop
      Optimal Load 0.3 g
      Vapor Production High
      Temperature control Non
      Temperature range 54 - 108°C Analog, 130 - 226°C Digital
      Battery Life -
      Can use oil Oui
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