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Psilocybe Galindoi Magic Truffles

Magic Truffles Galindoi Mushrocks

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Magic Truffles Galindoi Mushrocks

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  1. Rating

    Tryed some of the products & working on being more adventurous with with the stronger
    Stains of truffles ,
    great service & speedy delivery
    Highly recommended

    (Posted on 8/19/2018)
  2. Rating

    A nice but not to over whelming feelings
    Lots of funny moments & also people become
    More interesting also worth more exploration
    In this field

    (Posted on 8/8/2018)
  3. VERY mild Review by Lucás

    Nice calm truffles, make sure you take them on a sunny day and look at the clouds. :)

    (Posted on 7/28/2018)
  4. VERY mild (continued) Review by Lucás

    After taking the rest at once, I started feeling a bit more chilled out. Interestingly enough though, when I looked around and closed my eyes I didnt see any visuals but when I looked up at the sky, the clouds moved around and looked like different characters. It was beautiful. Very interesting how it was only the sky that would show movement. I felt relaxed and enjoyed the shows in the sky. Very mild and peaceful strain. Thanks MMS :)

    (Posted on 6/29/2018)
  5. VERY mild Review by Lucás

    Quick delivery. Arrived yesterday. Had no indication or leaflet to say what strain they are but no biggie. I took 5 grams to start out with because I've only taken truffles once before in Amsterdam. I took them 1 hr and 30 mins ago and so far all I've experienced is sweating profusely and zoning out a bit. I'll take the rest in a while and see how I get on. Might get the Dragon ones next time.

    (Posted on 6/28/2018)
  6. good product Review by clinton

    Excellent feeling of euphoria
    An a great sence of well being

    (Posted on 6/12/2018)
  7. Not what i expected.. Review by Rickard

    This is my first time taking truffles. Took the full 15g on an empty stomach, horrible taste, the worst haha. Effetcs started after around 40mins, came on quite strong, felt more physical effects than psychological, no closed eye visuals but things were bending and melting on the outside, colours were vivid. Music was powerful, just felt uneasy and unable to really relax, like being agitated. The effects dropped off really quickly and the whole thing only last about 2 .5 hours then back to normal. I expected better visuals and a longer lasting experience. Not sure if having a sandwich and passing urine alot flushed it out.. Interesting but not worth shouting about, got other starins to try will see how they effect me. Thanks MMS. :)

    (Posted on 2/12/2018)
  8. Not good Review by Atc

    when they arrived the didnt look anything like in the picture, after i ate 15g hardly anything happened to me just a slight mood lift thats it

    [mms edit: Hello Aaron, we'er sorry to hear you have had a bad/no experience. Could you please contact us on our support page so we can investigate.]

    (Posted on 11/29/2014)

8 Item(s)

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