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Buy magic mushroom Grow Kits by SupaGro®

SupaGro® magic mushrooms kits are some one of the best mushroom grow kits on the market. Growing these mushroom kits is Supa easy!

Expect the first two flushes of shrooms to pop up Supa fast, You will have a great yield within a week. No soaking needed!

Did you hear of the 100% Mycelium kits? SupaGro® is the first company to produce the 100% rhizomorphic mycelium grow kits. These kits are now the worldwide standard for mushroom grow kits.

Other improvements are : Removing layes of perlite and vermiculite. Improving substrate* to create a stong and more contamination resistant grow kit.

Why Grow with a SupaGro mushroom kit?

  • Easy; No soaking needed, just watch the mushrooms grow
  • Fast; Within 1-2 weeks first Harvest is ready
  • Strong; Fully colonized mycelium

Fun fact: SupaGro® is the only brand with a Penis Envy strain grow kit !

All SupaGro® magic mushroom grow kits are labeled with stickers and strain name.

Read, download or watch the Supagro Magic Mushrooms kit instructions before use.

* The substrate recipe consists of multiple ingredients that are a 'secret of the trade' and are not known to us.

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14 Item(s)

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