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MycoMate® Fast Fungi Magic Mushroom Grow Kit

The MycoMate® Fast Fungi Mushroom substrate kit makes it easy to grow your own mushrooms at home. The kit contains a sterilized substrate bag, with injection port.Add your own spores and the kit is ready to grow your mushrooms of choice!

MycoMate® Fast Fungi is specially designed to grow psilocybe cubensis mushrooms, edibleand medicinal mushrooms.

Use your own spores or buy our selected cubensis spores vials at a discount of 20%.

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Product Description

The Mushroom substrate kit MycoMate® Fast Fungi is the best way to grow mushrooms if you want the flexibility of using your own spores, but do not want to make mushroom substrate. You still have the full mushroom growing experience and feel like a real pro.

Why use a MycoMate® Fast Fungi kit?

This MycoMate® Mushroom substrate is developed to grow mushroom fast and be as fool proof as can be. It includes a vial of Liquid Culture to make a mushroom culture from the spores, which make it even faster to develop.

  • Sterilized Mushroom Substrate
  • Use your own spores
  • Easy Spore injection
  • Liquid Culture included

    With Spores

    You can choose your mushroom spores from a selection of spores vials we include to the product. The mushroom spores vials come with a 20% discount if bought together with the MycoMate® Fast Fungi.

    Please notice that substrate shipped with a spores vial or syringe can be seen as intent to grow, we recommend to order these items seperatly if you are not sure about the status of growing mushrooms in your country.

    Use for research only!

    Why spore vails?

    The spore vails are a unique way of handeling spores, we prefer them over spore syringes for a few reasons:

    • Non Static: no spores sticking to vail
    • Easier to Handle
    • Better shelflife and storage

    With Liquid Culture

    You can inject the spores in the MycoMate®  Liquid culture and let the spores germinate here. The mycelium grows in the Liquid culture vial. Using Liquid Culture will strengthen the mycelium, shortens the colonization time and gives a higher success rate.

    The MycoMate®  Fast Fungi Kit Includes:

    You will need:

    •  An disinfected area to work
    •  Spores; a Ready to use Spore Syringe or Inoculated Liquid Culture vail
    •  Disinfected Mixing bowl
    •  Clean / Drinkable Water
    •  Waterspray / Misting bottle

    MycoMate®  Fast Fungi Instructions

    Before you start. Make sure your work environment is clean and has no draft if you cultivate mushrooms. Wash your hands and wrist before handling the mushroom substrate kit with hand disinfectant.   As extra protection use gloves and a face mask.

    Lay out all the materials you need on a disinfected work space. You will need:

    • MycoMate® Fast Fungi substrate bag
    • Mushroom spore syringe or Liquid Culture with germinated mushroom spores,
    • A lighter or spirit burner
    • Alcohol preps
    • Disinfectant spray


    Prepare your mushroom spore syringe with 5-10 ml of spore solution or Liquid Culture. This is enough spores to inoculate the MycoMate® Fast Fungi substrate.

    • Locate the injection port on the substrate bag. Open the injection port by pulling the cap off and clean it with an alcohol prep.
    • Now get your spore syringe and heat the needle, red hot, with a lighter to make it sterile. Let the needle cool off for a few seconds.
    • Inject the needle of the syringe into the port. Add 2-3 drops of mushroom spore solution in every corner of the substrate and in the middle of the mushroom substrate bag.

    Every drop of spore solution is a point were the mycelium will start to grow.


    To let the mycelium grow and colonize the substrate you must keep the MycoMate® Fast Fungi in a dark space with a temperature between 23* -27* degrees Celsius.

    After 1-5 days you will see the mycelium starting to grow from the spots were the spores were dropped. The mycelium looks like cotton and becomes more stringy while developing and colonizing the mushroom substrate.

    It takes 2-4 weeks for the mycelium to colonize the substrate in the bag. No empty spots of substrate should be left.

    Wait an additional 5-7 days to make sure the inside of the substrate is colonized by the spores too. Now that mushrooms substrate is fully covered by the mycelium the kit is ready to be prepared for fruiting.

    Growing mushrooms with the MycoMate® Fast Fungi

    When the substrate is ready (fully colonized) the fruiting process can be started. It is time to grow mushrooms!
    First ready the vermiculite.

    • Mix the vermiculite with 100 ml of water in a clean bowl.
    • Stir till all the  water is absorbed and the vermiculite is moist.

    Now get the mushrooms substrate bag:

    • Grab the plastic bag in the middle and cut it open 3-4 cm above the substrate.
    • Add a layer of the moist vermiculite on the substrate. Spread it evenly over the cake, do not press it.

    Put the prepared substrate in the fruiting bag. This bag forms your grow chamber.

    • Mist the grow chamber to get the humidity up. Always spray against the sides of the fruiting bag, never on the substrate or mushrooms.
    • Close the grow bag by holding the top a few times and fix it with a paper clip

    Pick a warm and bright spot for the kit. Do not put the grow kit in direct sunlight. Optimal temperature is 22*C-25*C. Keep the fruiting chamber moist, by spraying water every 2 (two) days.

    The first pins can appear within several days and up to two weeks. When the mushrooms are mature harvest them for the collection of the spores or consumption.

    Re-hydrate by misting the kit after the harvest to create a new flush of mushrooms. Two till tree flushes of mushrooms is what you can expect form the Fast Fungi substrate.

    Additional Info
    Additional Info
    Productcode zgk-ff1
    Weight (KG) N/A
    Grow Kit type Without mycelium
    Difficulty Easy
    Species No spores included
    Origin No
    Potency No
    Optimum cultivation temperature No
    Yield (from) No
    Yield (to) No
    Water Spray Needed No
    Not shipped to: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States
    Customer Reviews (5)
    Great Kit.
    Contains all the equipment needed for a first time grower(you will need to get spores)
    Could be a little more generous with the vermiculite :)
    Review by Andrew (Posted on 1/20/2018)
    Sofar, so good.
    I purchased this kit along with some other stuff. Haven't gotten around to harvesting yet, but all looks well.
    I'm very excited!!
    Review by Stefan (Posted on 6/2/2015)
    bad description, just
    bad description, thought everything was include once it says that the only thing you'll need is...

    You will need:

    A clean workplace.
    Drinking water
    so.. i'll buy spore and them try it again. but they could have put a better description, it was my first time. and as long as i couln't not try the product properly is a little bit complicate to give a good review ... =|

    [MMS Edit: sorry to hear this; however it is written in the descreption on top that you can use your own spores or buy them together with the kit for a discount. Let me know how it works out for you!]
    Review by Rafael (Posted on 4/29/2015)
    Nothing happening
    I've followed the instructions very specifically, but after the rehydration process , they have now been idling for over a week now. I've been misting but not over watering, but no signs of mushroom development and just a big white ball really, like when I took it out the fridge after dunking. Really disappointed Nd would like some feedback?!?!

    [mms edit: hey simon, one week is normal, this is to be expected. Please contact our support for more help and info!]
    Review by simon (Posted on 4/23/2013)
    Good guys, good product

    I fawcked up everything when growing my shrooms. Kept the LC at too low temperature, the spawnbag at too high temperature, and fiddled with the cake as if it was my GF. Still i got 18g dried mushrooms divided on 6 flushes. Between the 4th and 5th flush I even dropped the cake from 160 cm height, making a mess on the floor. I lived through all the horror I had. Customer Service were exceptionally good. I called them many times, sent e-mails and pictures, and they always answered within 24 hrs. Love'em! I've tried nepal, think I'll move on to Cambodia next time. Peace out!
    Review by Morten de la Norvége (Posted on 7/18/2012)
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