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MycoMate® Fast Fungi Magic Mushroom Grow Kit

The Grow Kit MycoMate ® Fast Fungi is an easy to cultivate hundreds of grams of mushrooms quickly. It is specially designed to grow cubensis mushrooms, edible and medicinal. Use your own spores or buy our pre-selected spores cubensis at a discount of 20%.

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Fast Fungi Kit  

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Product Description

Grow hundreds of grams of fresh mushrooms in a matter of weeks.

There are two ways to cultivate the mushrooms:

  1. You may inject spores directly into the bag of seeds. You will have less work, but it will take longer to mature the mushrooms. This method is not always succesful in germinating enough spores for strong mycelium to form.
  2. You may inject spores in liquid culture MycoMate and let spores germinate in the vial. This will produce stronger the mycelium and you will produce a higher yield.


You will need:

  • A clean workplace.
  • Drinking water
Additional Info
Additional Info
Productcode zgk-ff1
Weight (KG) N/A
Grow Kit type Without mycelium
Difficulty Easy
Size No
Species No spores included
Origin No
Potency No
Optimum cultivation temperature No
Yield (from) No
Yield (to) No
Water Spray Needed No
Not shipped to: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Russia, Switzerland, United States
Customer Reviews (5)
Great Kit.
Contains all the equipment needed for a first time grower(you will need to get spores)
Could be a little more generous with the vermiculite :)
Review by Andrew (Posted on 1/20/2018)
Sofar, so good.
I purchased this kit along with some other stuff. Haven't gotten around to harvesting yet, but all looks well.
I'm very excited!!
Review by Stefan (Posted on 6/2/2015)
bad description, just
bad description, thought everything was include once it says that the only thing you'll need is...

You will need:

A clean workplace.
Drinking water
so.. i'll buy spore and them try it again. but they could have put a better description, it was my first time. and as long as i couln't not try the product properly is a little bit complicate to give a good review ... =|

[MMS Edit: sorry to hear this; however it is written in the descreption on top that you can use your own spores or buy them together with the kit for a discount. Let me know how it works out for you!]
Review by Rafael (Posted on 4/29/2015)
Nothing happening
I've followed the instructions very specifically, but after the rehydration process , they have now been idling for over a week now. I've been misting but not over watering, but no signs of mushroom development and just a big white ball really, like when I took it out the fridge after dunking. Really disappointed Nd would like some feedback?!?!

[mms edit: hey simon, one week is normal, this is to be expected. Please contact our support for more help and info!]
Review by simon (Posted on 4/23/2013)
Good guys, good product

I fawcked up everything when growing my shrooms. Kept the LC at too low temperature, the spawnbag at too high temperature, and fiddled with the cake as if it was my GF. Still i got 18g dried mushrooms divided on 6 flushes. Between the 4th and 5th flush I even dropped the cake from 160 cm height, making a mess on the floor. I lived through all the horror I had. Customer Service were exceptionally good. I called them many times, sent e-mails and pictures, and they always answered within 24 hrs. Love'em! I've tried nepal, think I'll move on to Cambodia next time. Peace out!
Review by Morten de la Norvége (Posted on 7/18/2012)
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