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The use of tools is what made us different from primates. With tools we can make stuff happen that is normally not within our grasp. Use these tools for the mushroom cultivation and evelvate yourself even further.

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  1. inoculation or smear loop

    Inoculation Loops | 10 pieces


    The inoculation loops can be used to inoculate substrate or agar with mushroom spores. These inoculating loops are size 1μL. made as a disposable and can not be autoclaved

    10 pieces in a sterile pack, not blue as on image but clear/transarent

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  2. Water Spray

    Hygrometer with external temperature sensor


    Need to know humidity levels and the temperature in your mushroom grow room? Get this Hygrometer and Thermometer. Use the external sensor to measure the temperature in the grow bag. It measures humidity from 20% up to 99% RH. Temperature in and outdoors and in Celsius and Fahrenheit. Now, you know exactly when humidity and temperature is right for the pinning of your mushrooms

    Batteries included

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  3. Scalpel sterile number 11



    A disposable surgical scalpel #11 In a sterile package.

    The blade and the handle are already attached.

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  4. Disposable Tweezers

    Tweezers | Disposable


    These disposable tweezers come in a sterile package.

    Sold per piece

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  5. Tweezers Stainless Steel

    Tweezers | Stainless Steel


    A medical stainless steel forceps. Can be sterilized in an autoclave or pressure cooker.

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  6. Single combination stop

    Luer Lock Combi-Stopper


    Luer Lock Combi-Stoppers are used to close syringes that have a Luer-Lock connector. Luer-locks are the end of the syringe where the needle fits on. The Luer Lock Combi-stopper fits on male and female Luer-lock syringes. Luer Lock Combi-stoppers are packed in a sterile package. The best way to store your spore syringe is with a combination stop instead of the needle attached and store the spore syringe in the refrigerator.

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  7. syringe 20ml

    Syringe 10ml | empty


    Syringe 10ml with Needle. Sterile packaged syringe can be used for spores conservation and injection in cakes and grow kits.
    Comes with needle.

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  8. Syringe 5ml | empty

    Syringe 5ml | empty


    Currently unavailable

    This sterile packaged syringe can be used for spores conservation and injection in cakes and grow kits.

    Optionally with a needle that is also packed sterile.

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  9. Thermometer



    To maintain the right temperature in a magic mushroom grow kit, you need to read out the temperature. This glass thermometer with alcohol based liquid is high quality laboratory equipment that is a necessity for the serious grower.

    °C: -10 / +50
    °F 14 / 122

  10. Petri Dish

    Petri Dishes | 20 pieces | Sterile


    These lab-ready aseptic petri dishes are ideal for making sporeprints.

    Made of Polystyrol

    Sold per 20 pieces in sterile sleeve

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  11. Parafilm 5 cm x 75 mtr.


    In stock


    Parafilm is used to close all kind of holders. Close petri dishes, Erlenmeyer Flasks and cake jars from contaminants with parafilm.

    5 cm x 75 mtr.

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  12. bottle distilled water

    Distilled Water | 60ml


    Currently unavailable

    This purified water is distilled for the use in laboratories and therefore is 100% H2O. Ideal to make a sporesyringe.

    The bottle is a Nalgene® Labware bottle. It is made to transport and store liquids for long periods of time. The bottle can be sterilized in a pressure cooker and it is reusable.

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  13. Pipette disposable


    A disposable plastic pasteur pipette to transfer liquids from testtubes, petridishes or other containers into your substrate or vice versa.

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13 Product(s) matching your selection