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Cambodia Flush

Cambodian | Magic Mushroom Grow Kit

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Cambodian | Magic Mushroom Grow Kit

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  1. Awesome Review by Martin

    The firtsy pins showed up on the 20th day i was worried... Growed them with 180w LED grow lamp. In total i got 250 grams on the 1st flush i made some great prints from them. There were more than 40 mushrooms... the 2nd is also looking very promicing i think it will be around 200g.s The effect was mindblowing, i ate 4 g, dry and i were on another planet for some time :D That was my 2nd time eating shrooms and those were deffenetly much stronger than the wild ones. I didn't expected nothing like this.. it was fu**ing amazing.I felt my brain working like never before, it was so good that i cryed a few times!! :D
    Meanwhile i ordered B+ XL, recived very fast and there was a free waffel in the pack, that surprised me :) Looking forward to order someting else from you guys! Peace :)

    (Posted on 7/13/2017)
  2. Perfect Review by Martin

    Around 30 mushrooms on the 1st flush :)

    (Posted on 6/24/2017)
  3. per la mia terapia Review by daniele

    molto delicati..

    (Posted on 6/14/2016)
  4. Rating

    I bought a box of these babys with a starter kit as they were my first grow, customer service and deivery to uk all went smoothly, descreet packaging.

    Took about 13 days for the first pins to appear and then like 3 days for them to grow. Not many grew mind, probbally about 5-6 different sizes with the biggest picked weighing in at 2.5g dry. i dunno if thats the norm or maybe my conditions weren't right but being my first time i was really happy with the yield

    2nd flush - 4 shrooms

    3rd flush - 3 shrooms

    and about to try a 4th flush

    The shrooms themselves are amazing, i don't have much experiences to compare them to but i had 4 -5 hours of serious fun.
    Warm feelings, happy, the urge to move and dance, giggling at stuff that isn't funny, deep thoughts on life, different perspectives on life

    I highly reccomend these natural wonders

    I've done 2 trips so far, first eaton which gave me mild stoumach cramps but i read up on that and it just depends how your body reacts to it

    But i made my next lot in a tea and didn't get any pains at all and it was just as powerful

    Can't wait to try some different strains now, might be hooked for life

    (Posted on 6/5/2016)
  5. Rating

    The ordering was uncomplicated and after payment I recieved the order very quickly. That was very nice.
    But then I have to say, I am a bit disappointed. After reading all reviews I expected more.
    I started the culture on the 1st of April. Exactly like it was recommended: 23°C constant temperature, north window without direct sunlight, water spray, etc. Then waiting.
    On the 12th of april still nothing.
    On the 26th of april 5 mushrooms were showing. Yay! They were 50g in total. That wss the first flush. Nothing more.
    Activated the culture again in the fridge, on the 12th of may then finally 13 mushrooms showed up. Total amount 95g. That was all for the second flush.
    Right now I am waiting for the third.
    I could just try a little shroom fresh, the others I dried 'cause I'm waiting for my friend to come back to eat them together.
    The taste is earthy, I liked it very much. Didn't get any nausea. It was just a small one, but i felt light and happy, could see different colours. I felt like moving, running. What I then did, jogging outside in nature was great.
    I will surely buy again, but this time I hope to get a better producer. If not... well.. we'll see.

    (Posted on 5/27/2016)
  6. Thank You, MMS Review by Kacper

    I ordered Cambodians like half year ago in a starter grow kit (with mask and other stuff). It was my first time with mushrooms ever. I didn't expect how big impact on my life will have that decision...
    Service was perfect- fast shipping to England.
    I don't know exactly how much dried mushrooms I ate, but it was like 2-3g, maybe more. After 30 minutes it started- at the beginning felt like weed. But only in beginning.
    I started with listening to Pink Floyd 'The Dark Side Of The Moon'. Most amazing experience in my life. Music was flowing through my body. I felt every sound touching me- it was beautiful. I had some light visuals as well. I was spending all that time with two of my friends- whole trip ( 4-5 hrs ).
    After Floyds we get to a car and drove on trip ;) I was sitting at the back. We were listening to music. Than that song about love started to play. I started to cry and laugh at the same time. I felt so happy and thankful for everything I have... It was wonderful cleansing experience.
    Later we got out from the car and sat on a bench watching a view of sea. I started to laugh and I couldn't control it. It was quite funny :D Then it started to slowly wear off. I got quite normal, I could control myself but when I closed my eyes I could still see some nice visuals.
    It was great experience, as my friends told me it changed me even if I didn't see that change. They said it's a good change so I am happy with that ;)

    Now I ordered Treasure Coast, Golden Teacher and B+ in XL sizes so I will have mushrooms for longer and for some unexpected occasions. This time I will eat it with my best friend and I'm wondering how our relation will change after such experience. I'm sure it will be a good change again.
    Thank You, Magic Mushrooms Shop for everything. Bless You!
    I can recommend Cambodian shrooms for anyone who's just starting this adventure. I loved them, hope you will love them as well.

    (Posted on 1/14/2016)
  7. trip report Review by celo

    Well they finnally came... 200 gs first flush.. meand my girl ate them all through out the night fresh... we both had lots of fun with a nice eurforic high and some visual... not what we expected.. could have been way better , really is for the more begginer type tripper but to grow they are very easy and awsome to watch... thanks again.. ill be ordering some tc shrooms as soon as this box is done

    (Posted on 10/22/2014)
  8. very fast Review by marcelo

    very quick shipping... my first time ordering off this website and am very impressed by how fast they are... got my cambs last wed 2 days after money recieved... today seven days later still no change in the box... mabey another week will do the trick ;) ill send trip report when they are ready
    thank you guys sooo much
    happy safe trippin!!

    (Posted on 10/8/2014)
  9. endgeiles produkt Review by baddabooom

    Wenn ich koennte wuerde ich sogar zehn sterne geben.
    1a quali 1a service 1a ergebnis.dicke grosse pilze wunderbares psychedelusches ergebnis
    kaufe immer u immer wieder bei euch.

    Dicker gruß ans team

    (Posted on 4/10/2014)
  10. unglaublich gut. Review by jayjack 1605

    Leute tach au...
    Hab heut meine box mal wieder drei tage nach bestellung erhalten...
    Super service...super produkt!!!
    Besten dank...eure boxen haben mir ne menge neuer einsichten u lebensqualitaet gegeben.vielen dank...kann mich kaum revangieren.bin euer kunde auf ewig...
    Und dank noch fuer de stroopwafel.
    Bis zur naechsten order...
    Gruss an shroomer all over the world...
    Tripbericht wird folgen

    (Posted on 3/4/2014)

Items 1 to 10 of 20 total

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