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When do I harvest my magic mushrooms ?

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The Magic Mushrooms Shop is getting a lot of questions regarding the harvest of mushrooms. More specific when to harvest the magic shrooms from your magic mushroom grow kit. In this post you will find the answer to that question and an how to harvest magic mushroom instruction video.


When do I harvest my magic mushrooms ?harvest magic mushrooms now

The best time to harvest magic mushrooms from your grow kit is just before the veil breaks. Normally veil breaking time is between 5 - 12 days after you see your first mushrooms pins popping up from the substrate.

As you can see the time indication is broad because the maturing of magic mushrooms can go pretty fast or can take a bit longer all depending on strain variation, humidity, temperature and fresh air.

Why harvest just before the veil breaks?

The veil connects the cap of the mushroom to the stem and covers the gills. When the mushroom matures the veil will break and uncover the gills. This is the time for the matured mushroom to think of the next generation and it will release spores from the gills to make reproduction possible.
The released spores will cover the other mushrooms and the substrate underneath them. This is harmless for the mushrooms and the substrate. But the potency of the mushroom will reduce a bit when you wait with the harvest of your mushrooms after the spore release.

A word from the wise:
"The secret to potent mushrooms is in their age when picked. It has been scientifically proven that the small immature speciments are more potent than the larger mature speciments" Psylocybe Fanaticus, from PF Tek instructions booklet

Spore print and spore syringe

If you want to make a spore print or syringe it is  important to harvest the mushrooms before they release their spores, you will need the spores to conserve your mushroom strain for further cultivation. Best time to pick the mushrooms for a spore print is when the cap has opened. The cap will flatten and gets the shape of an umbrella. Most times this will be the same or in the next few days after the veil is broken.

General advise: pick the mushrooms before or just after the veil break.

But the mushrooms are still small I'm not going to harvest!

Harvest the Cambodian mushroom before veil breakIt can be a pain to harvest you fine crop of cubensis mushrooms when they are still small or medium sized. The mushrooms still grow a bit after the veil break. What you can do is just pick the mushrooms that you think are big enough. And let the other mushrooms mature for a couple of days. Keep a close watch on your grow kit the mushrooms can grow pretty fast in this stage of the growth. One night in the pub can be enough to find your mushrooms covered in spores.

When the mushrooms are not growing any more it is time to harvest them all to prepare the grow kit for the next flush.Remove all mushrooms and aborts form the substrate surface.
When you have some mushrooms growing on the sides between the plastic container and the substrate you can carefully try to get them out by lifting the substrate brick a bit. Do not force it, you do not want to break or damage the mycelium.

Tip: Pick the mature and immature mushrooms and let the pins grow a bit more

How to pick the magic mushrooms ?

We have covered the picking of mushrooms in a different blog post. But the basic strategy is twist and pull.  We made a how to harvest magic mushrooms video . Have a look:

How to harvest mushrooms from a grow kit from Get Magic on Vimeo.


Product you can use during magic mushroom harvest: