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Top 10 Psychedelic Clothes: Hoodies

Psychedelics, it’s a lifestyle :)! In this new age, the world wide web is filled with a lot of cool clothes that go hand in hand with psychedelic themes. Why should you only wear basic clothes from the Zara or H&M? In this Top 10 Psychedelic Fashion Series we’re going to share a selection of clothes that are fun, colorful and creative. Today, we’re going to take a look at some fresh hoodies!

10. Supreme - Rick and Morty

rick morty hoodie magic mushroom

For an extra dimension in your gear!

9. Cartoon Collage

cartoon hoodie

Peter Pan syndrome? This is the perfect way to show it ;).

8. Universal Paradise

universal hoodie magic mushroom

Share the beauty of the universe with this spacey hoodie!

7. Refraction

refraction hoodie fashion

A new fresh take on the classic Dark Side Of The Moon cover.

6. Awesome Psychedelic

psychedelic awesome hoodie

The name says it all :)!

5. Trippy Shrooms

trippy shrooms magic psychelic

Wear this hoodie during a trip. And you'll be tripping, in a trip, in a trip. Just like Inception :P.

4. Cat Taco

Is this really cute, or really creepy? I don't know...

3. Paint Skull

psychedelic fashion hoodie

For all the beautiful dark twisted souls out there!

2. I Am Hoodie


magic mushroom shop hoodie

This one is really epic. Oh wait! Are those snakes? And a triangle with an all seeing eye? :O!

1. Meditating Rafiki

rafiki psychedelic fashion magic mushroom shop

If you don't love this design.... I don't know if we can be friends. Rafiki? Meditating? This is the one I'm going to get :)!

More psychedelic fashion?

Stay tuned! Next time we're going to take a look at the coolest headwear in this Top 10 Psychedelic Fashion Series.