Supa Sale on all SupaGro Kits! Grow easy, grow quick,Grow SupaGro!

SupaGro Sale on all our SupaGro Kits!  Grow easy, grow quick,Grow SupaGro!

This month of March and up until the 10th of April, all our Magic Mushroom SupaGro Kits are on sale and that is real good news!

There are many things that make Magic Mushroom SupaGro kits amazing and in this blog post we will take a closer look at those reasons.  For now, keep in mind that it is the first in it's kind to minimize the use of layers. Thanks to the use of a dense and compact substrate which is rich of nutrition, the mycelium is able to thrive and it's magic fruits, grow like hell!  The SupaGro magic mushroom kits have no use for extra Perlite and Vermiculite layers like the "traditional" grow kits. A thin layer of vermiculite is still used as a top layer, but this can hardly be called a "filler". 100% mycelium kit has become the nickname for these SupaGro kits.

The Magic Mushrooms Shop currently offer 15 different types of different Magic Mushroom Grow Kits of the Psilocybe cubensis mushroom.

There are two kinds of SupaGro Kits in our store:

The Extreme XL SupaGro and the Normal size SupaGro kit.  

SupaGro XL magic mushroom grow kits.   

The difference between both is of course SIZE. 

The Extreme XL SupaGro kits contains 2100ml of 100% mycelium and the normal one contain 1200 ml of 100% mycelium substrate. 

What makes the Magic Mushroom SupaGro brand so amazing?

There is one characteristic that makes them real popular, and that is the ease with which you can produce your own magic mushrooms, all you need is a bit of moist, and a hot spot and it will grow.  No water needed at least during the first part of the process. (check our ''how to here'')

SupaGro magic mushroom grow kits.

For the second flush, you will need to add water and wait for Mother Nature to do its magic, but keep in mind that the second and third wave of flushes are more generous than with other products.

There is also the fact that they are very resistant to infections and that your first flush will appear much faster than with normal magic mushroom kits.   Within a week, if conditions are optimum, you can expect to see the first flush come in.

But for those who love to know more about their product, we have prepared more ‘’technical’’ info about the SupaGro magic mushrooms kit!

100% mycelium colonized substrate

Mycelium, a thread-like collection of cells that is the vegetative growth of a fungus, is to a mushroom like an orange tree is to an orange. You need to have one as the base for producing the other.

SupaGro is the first brand to introduce 100% mycelium magic mushroom kits filled all the way to the top!   Moreover, it develops in the box and not outside of it like most other kits, thus avoiding the stress and contamination of transferring mycelium from the growing grounds to the kit.

 SupaGro Magic mushroom kits

More resistant kits and stronger yields

This is why SupaGro mycelium magic mushroom kits live longer and give much bigger and stronger yields.  By the time you get your SupaGro kit, the mycelium is so strong that contaminants will have a hard time infecting your kit.  That is why the Supa Gro box is the only one that can afford to have open breathable holes on the lid without causing contaminations, and that my friends, that is what ensures optimal air ventilation for best results.



The SupaGro production facility is situated it the mountain outskirts at about 1200 meters above sea level in a highly ecological environment with extraordinary clean air rich in oxygen, this maximises mycelium pureness.  The water used is from a lake and so it is filled with nutrients and minerals

Mycelium selection:

People at the Supa Lab execute constant genetic selection on weekly basis in order to select the strongest and healthiest rhizomorphic mycelium . This makes SupaGro  kits the most reliable on the market.

The SupaGro Supa Sale:

We started the promotion in March but it will continue with it until the 10 of April.

Our Extreme XL kits, the big SupaGro magic mushroom kits where 79.00€ and are now down to 69.95€.

All our other regular SupGro Kits are 36.00€, down from 44.50€

The only exception are the Albino A+ SupaGro Kit and the Supa Envy SupaGro kit that are down to 38.95€ from 46.50€.

What are you waiting for? 

Now that you have all the facts, get your hands on one of these amazing Magic Mushroom kits before the 10th of April!