September 20th is 9/20 Day! A celebration of the role that psychedelic psilocybin mushrooms play in our society.


Have you heard of 9/20 Psilocybin Mushroom day?  It is a new psychedelic holiday that takes place on the 20th of September that is being promoted by the 920 Coalition whose slogan is ''Mushrooms are medicine''.  Their main objective is to bring attention to psychoactive mushrooms in a similar way as what the 4/20 marijuana day has done for cannabis but with a different twist: not in ''partying'' way.   9/20 is also the day The Magic Mushrooms Shop will have a 10% checkout discount, that means all you need to do is order and the 10% will be applied. 

 What is 920 Coalition?


920 Coalition


Before we can understand the 920 concept we need to take a brief look at 420 or 4/20, a code-term in cannabis culture that refers to the consumption of cannabis.  These days it is impossible not to associate marijuana with the 4 of September or even a clock showing 4:20. 


4/20 Marijuana Day


People congregate all over the world at 4:20 pm on April 20th to smoke and celebrate cannabis. Today the event is a full grown international counterculture holiday where more than just consuming cannabis, there is a political objective: advocating the liberalization/legalization of cannabis.   It is a mass international civil disobedience action as all those congregated light up in public spaces. 

The 4/20 movement has effectively build a brand for Marijuana, something that magic mushrooms still lack, this is where the 9/20 Coalition comes in

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9/20 Magic Mushrooms Day

The 920 Coalition was founded in 2015 by Nicholas Reville.  His main objective was to focus on their medicinal and spiritual benefits and to foster dialogue around psychedelics.  He started working with Students for a Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP), a college organization that advocate drug law reforms.  He also worked with Psymposia and many like minded organization. 




9/20 day promoted by the 920 Coalition, seeks to bring attention to psilocybin mushrooms in a predominantly scholar atmosphere that include lectures, salons or meet ups that take a look at research and policy rather than the joys of tripping.   It makes sense as mushrooms are not a part of daily life like smoking weed.

The focus of the day is on dialogue and discussions about new research done on psilocybin mushrooms and their role in medicine and society.  It is also about getting people to come together to say they care about the potential of psychoactive mushrooms and meet other who agree that society should normalize mushrooms as a medicine, sacrament and basic human right.

It is very fortunate for the movement that there is research being done all over the world right now that shows that psilocybin has powerful medicinal benefits in anxiety reduction, overcoming depression, treating addiction, or even cancer patients who have experienced immediate and dramatic reduction of their anxiety levels and depression. 

And what that means for magic mushrooms is that in the same manner that thanks to 4/20 and other grassroots movements,  marijuana is slowly becoming prescribable, and even purchasable for responsible recreational use, there is a very real possibility that the very same thing can happen with psilocybin. 

We at The Magic Mushrooms Shop believe that magic mushrooms have the capacity to calibrate your soul in the direction of love, we and most people who use magic mushrooms know that, but what is new today is that science is starting to back this up, moreover, we believe in the notion  that we have an inalienable human right to alter our own consciousness as we please, so two thumbs up for the 9/20 day!

 9/20 is also the day The Magic Mushrooms Shop will have a 10% checkout discount, that means all you need to do is order and the 10% will be applied to all your orders!

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