Local Heat Wave | No shipping 25/26/27 July

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" Sun is shining, the weather is sweet, 
Make you want to move your dancing feet, 
To the rescue, here I am! "

Heat wave, No shipping!

Attention! Due to a local heatwave, we cannot guarantee the quality of the grow kits, spore vials and syringes upon their arrival. Therefore all orders with grow kits and/or spores will be shipped on Monday 30th of July. Our apologies for the delay.

Mycelium and Heat

The mycelium in the grow kit is a living product that prefers a colder environment than a transport van or warehouse can offer. Temperatures above 30 Celsius degrees will lower the quality of the kit or will destroy it eventually when the products are in transport for a longer time.

Keep it cool!

Perfect conditions for fruiting are around 24 degrees Celsius and a high humidity, but if you want to wait growing keep your kit stored cool. A clean fridge will do the trick !

Is my order shipped?

We will pack and shipped all orders on Tuesday the 24th. If your order does not contain a grow kit or spores it will be shipped. For the rest your order will be the first to be shipped with love on Monday 30th !