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  1. Magic Truffles Value Pack - Discount offer

    Magic Truffles Value pack


    Try our Magic Truffles with this great offer! A nice combination of slerotia strains : Atlantis, Mexicana, Tampanensis, Dragon's Dynamite and Galindoii "Mushrocks" magic truffles. Learn More
  2. Magic truffles Utopia

    Magic truffles Utopia

    Psilocybe Utopia is one of the strongest magic truffles around. New to the truffle family it's stones are kept growing longer to ensure it's very high potency Try the Utopia Magic Truffles and enjoy a mindbending trip. The Utopia will give you strong visuals,all over body high and connection with nature. Are you ready to Enter sir Thomas More's Utopia and experience the perfect world? Learn More
  3. Magic Truffles Hollandia

    Magic Truffles Hollandia

    Hollandia Magic Truffles will give you a trip of a lifetime! This Dutch truffle is the outcome of years of sclerotia cultivation. Selecting the strongest and finest of it's kind made the Hollandia twice as potent as the Psilocybe atlantis (one of the strongest sclerotia). 7.5 grams will take you to a different world, are you willing to open that door? Learn More
  4. Classic Magic Truffles Value pack

    Classic Magic Truffles Value pack


    Classic Magic Truffles Value pack. Will get you all classic slerotia strains:

    • P. Mexicanae
    • P.Tampanensis
    • P. Gallindoii
    • and Atlantis
    Learn More
  5. Power Magic Truffles Pack

    Power Magic Truffles Value pack


    Power Magic Truffles Value pack. this discount pack including:

    • Dragons Dynamite magic truffles
    • Hawaiian magic truffles
    • Utopia magic truffles
    • and Hollandia magic truffles
    Learn More
  6. Reishi mushroom extract (Ganoderma Lucidum)

    Reishi mushroom extract (Ganoderma Lucidum)


    In Chinese medicine, the Reishi mushroom is known as “mushroom of immortality”. The list with Reishi’s potential health benefits is seemingly endless. This sustainably manufactured, easy to use Reishi mushroom extract finally brings Reishi’s medicinal powers to the masses. Learn More
  7. random magic mushrooms myclium grow kit

    Short Dated Magic Mushroom Grow Kit

    In stock


    Buy a magic mushroom grow kit for a reduced price. Growing mushrooms is easy! Estimating what our valued customers will purchase is less straightforward. Sometimes random strains will get close to their maximum shelf life but will still produce plenty magic mushrooms. We do not like to throw out good grow kits, therefore we offer them for a reduced price before they expire. Order today and receive a random cubensis magic mushroom growkit.

    Learn More
  8. SupaGro Discount pack!

    Supa Gro® 5 Grow Kits package deal

    Starting from: €185.00

    Up to: €192.50

    SupaGro Mushroom Discount pack! Get all the super fast growing kits you need. Choose 5 Magic Mushroom SupaGro Grow Kits. Get a great Discount!

    SSupaGro Mushroom kits are easy to use and are growing faster than other magic mushroom grow kits.SupaGro substrate is filled with high quality psilocybe cubensis spores that makes the mycelium is ready to grow. No soaking needed, just put them in the grow bag an wait for the mushrooms to pop-up!

    Combine 5 different SupaGro strains or choose 5 the same, you make the combinations and get a SupaDeal! Learn More
  9. minivac clear stashbox

    Minivac clear stashbox


    Minivac clear stashbox is a solid airtight container that stores your stuff. Herbs, shrooms, capsules. You name it, you store it! Learn More
  10. Stashbox minivac solid black

    Minivac stashbox | Solid Black


    Minivac Black stashbox is a solid airtight container that stores your stuff, herb, shrooms or capsules. You name it, you store it! Learn More
  11. St. John's Wort | Hypericum perforatum

    St. John's Wort | Hypericum perforatum


    Currently unavailable

    The St John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum ) is mostly known for its uplifting effects, to release tension and use as an antidepressant. Learn More
  12. White Lily | Nymphaea alba

    White Lily | Nymphaea alba


    The White Lily (Nymphaea alba) works euphoric, sedative and sometimes even narcotic. Some say it is an aphrodisiac, but nuns and monks used is as anaphrodisiac in combination with wine. Learn More
  13. Wild lettuce | Lactuca virosa

    Wild lettuce | Lactuca virosa


    Wild Lettuce, or Opium Lettuce, is a sedative plant that has similar effects to opiates without being one. Lactuca virosa has sedative and narcotic properties, and was already prescribed by Hippocrates. Learn More
  14. Sinicuichi | Heimia salicifolia

    Sinicuichi | Heimia salicifolia


    Sinicuichi (Heimia salicifolia) is traditionally used by Mexicans for soothsaying and divination. It works also hallucinogenic, mostly by altering the perception of sound. Learn More
  15. Mexican tarragon | Tagetes lucida

    Mexican tarragon | Tagetes lucida


    The Mexican Tarragon is used in rituals and ceremonies. It can be used to make a tea that calms the stomach and that helps against the bad feeling of a hangover. Learn More
  16. Chaliponga | Diplopterys cabrerana

    Chaliponga | Diplopterys cabrerana

    Regular Price: €11.95

    Special Price: €9.95

    Chaliponga is a psychedelic plant that contains DMT. It is most famous for its use in Ayahuasca brews. Learn More
  17. Wild dagga (Leonotis leonurus) seeds

    Wild Dagga seeds | Leonotis Leonorus | 10 seeds


    Wild Dagga seeds to grow a Wild Dagga shrub at home. The flowers of Wild Dagga contain leonurine, which has calming, mildly euphoric effects. Dried, these flowers can be smoked or used to brew tea. Wild Dagga is often used as an alternative for tobacco in joints with cannabis. Learn More
  18. Ephedra (Ephedra sinica) seeds (Seeds)

    Ephedra | Ephedra sinica | 20 seeds


    Ephedra (Ephedra sinica) seeds. With these seeds you can cultivate an Ephedra Sinica plant at home. The herb Ephedra contains the active compound ephedrine, which raises blood pressure and causes feelings of clarity and alertness. Ephedrine is also known as the natural form of amphetamine, the active compound of speed. Learn More
  19. Kanna seeds, Sceletium tortuosum

    Kanna | Sceletium tortuosum | 20 seeds

    In stock


    With Sceletium tortuosum seeds you can cultivate a Kanna plant at home. The South African succulent Kanna is known for its sedating, calming and uplifting effects. Dried Kanna leaves can be chewed, smoked, or brewed into a tea. Pack of 20 seeds Learn More
  20. Ololiuqui seeds | Rivea Corymbosa | 20 seeds

    Ololiuqui seeds | Rivea Corymbosa | 20 seeds


    Ololiuqui (Rivea Corymbosa) seeds to cultivate your own Ololiuqui climber plant. The seeds of Ololiuqui contain LSA, an hallucinogen that brings its user into a dreamlike state. The Aztecs used Ololiuqui seeds to communicate with the gods. Learn More
  21. Mate Yerba

    Yerba Mate | Ilex paraguariensis

    Regular Price: €7.95

    Special Price: €6.95

    The yerba leaves from the Ilex Paraguarensis are traditionally drunk as a token of friendship and sign of respect for each other. The mate yerba tea contains a high dosis of caffeine, which gives you a long lasting boost of both physical and mental stimulance.

    Learn More
  22. Blue Lotus (Nymphaea caerulea)

    Blue Lotus | Nymphaea caerulea


    Blue Lotus was a sacred plant for the ancient Egyptians. It smells great, works euphoric and heightens awareness. Mild hallucinations might occur at higher dosages. Learn More
  23. Catuaba | Erythroxylum Catuaba

    Catuaba | Erythroxylum Catuaba


    Catuaba is priased by the Tupi Indians in many songs, for its stimulating and aphrodisiac effects. It is known to improve blood circulation, strengthening erections and intensifying orgasms. Now let us sing about the Catuaba effects. Learn More
  24. Maca | Lepidum Meyenii Raw

    Maca | Lepidum Meyenii


    A very common ingredient for super foods! Maca (Peruvian Ginseng) works energizing and helps to deal with stress. It also increases your sexual endurance, and is supposed to improve sperm. Learn More
  25. Ephedra (Ephedra sinica) seeds (Seeds)

    Nevada Ephedra | Ephedra Nevadensis | 20 seeds


    Currently unavailable

    Nevada Ephedra seeds to cultivate your own Nevada Ephedra plant. Nevada Ephedra (also known as Mormon’s Tea) contains the alkaloid ephedrine, which raises blood pressure and causes feelings of clarity and alertness. Ephedrine is also known as the natural form of amphetamine, the active compound of speed. Learn More
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25 Product(s) matching your selection