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Salvia Divinorum Extract

Sage or Salvia divinorum or Diviners' Sage is herb that has very potent hallucinogenic properties. Smoke salvia in a bong to experience a short but intense trip.
Available in five extracts: 5x, 10x, 20x, 30x, and 40x.

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Diviners sage (Salvia Divinorum), a close relative to the common sage (Salvia officinalis), contains a very potent hallucinogenic called Salvinorin A.

Salvia divinorum is a herb that was used by the native inhabitants of the Mazatec Region in Mexico. The Shamans chewed on the fresh leaves to receive visions from the spirit world.

In the sixties Salvia Divinorum became known in the Western World during the hippie age. People started to experiment with the strong extracts on a larger scale since the 1990's. Is is generally smoked, but the higher concentractions (30x and stronger) can also be put under the tongue. 


For smoking Salvia, one should use a bong (waterpipe) and a high temperature lighter (torch/jet lighter). 0,1 gram is one dose. Other ways of smoking, such as in a cigarette or regular pipe often doesn't do the trick.


Magic Mushroom shops sells 5 different intensities. If you have never tried Salvia and you are ready to try it, go for the 5x extract.


Salvia is an extremely powerfull hallucinogen. It will cause a very short but intense trip for about 10 minutes. The one thing about Salvia Divinorum that people can agree on is that the trip is extremely bizar. Never use Salvia alone and make sure that you are in a save environment.


  • 5x extract contains 1 gram.
  • 10x extract contains 1 gram.
  • 20x extract contains 0.5 gram
  • 30x extract contains 0.5 gram
  • 40x extract contains 0.5 gram
Artikelnummer sup-sd
Gewicht (KG) 0.0000
Zutaten Nein
Portionen 2 - 10
Herkunft Mexiko
Spezie Salvia divinorum
Kein Versand nach: Nicht-EU-Ländern, Afrika, Asien, Australien, Österreich, Karibik, Zentralamerika, Deutschland, Naher Osten, Südamerika, Kanada, Finnland, Israel , Neuseeland, Norwegen, Russland, Schweiz, Türkei, Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika


3 Artikel

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interesting, short duration Kundenmeinung von ivan
very interesting though at least for somewhat less scary that the whole expirience with salvia is made out to be. The whole expirience lasted about 5 min when smoked. (Veröffentlicht am 04.05.2022)
Wow! Kundenmeinung von Olli HC
Vom 40x-Extrakt stopfte ich das Bong-Köpfchen ganz normal gut voll, und zog mir das ganze mit einem großen Zug in die Lunge, und hielt die Luft ca. 15 Sekunden an. Ich atmete aus, und war schon nicht mehr imstande, ohne Hilfe die Bong zurückzustellen. Nach ca. 15 Minuten war ich wieder zurück.
Wow! (Veröffentlicht am 01.07.2020)
Excellent! Kundenmeinung von Kevin
Very high quality product, but be careful.
Smoked 60mg (0.06g) 10x extract in bong, was like getting stuck in a psychedelic machine/entity until my ego dissolved right after and sent me to salispace.
Very interesting! :)

(Veröffentlicht am 28.11.2019)

3 Artikel

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