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Mixing nutrients and substrates and keeping them in a clean, sterile environment is very important. With the glass and plastic containers here you have a great addition to your home laboratory.

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  1. Erlenmeyer Flasks with rubber bung


    5,95 €

    These erlenmeyers are made of highgrade glass and can easily withstand high temperatures. They can be sterilized in an autoclave or pressure cooker.

    Available in three sizes.

    NO Bung included

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  2. Glass Jar

    Glass Jar

    1,00 €

    These glass Jars with screw caps can be used for the cake creation. Available in 5 sizes.

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  3. test tube

    Reagenzglas / Test tube ⌀16mm - 100mm

    0,20 €

    Test Tubes are perfect for laboratory work. Add spore solutions to experiment with cloning and crossing strains.

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  4. Stopper for Test Tube

    Stopper for Test Tube

    0,05 €

    Lamella Grip Stopper for Test Tubes. Keep the contents of your test tube clear from contaminents and safe while in the centrifuge.

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  5. Test Tube Cleaner Brush

    Reagenzglas Reinigungsbürste

    4,95 €

    This Test Tube Cleaning Brush is used for Test Tubes with a diameter of ⌀ 16-20 mm. The tip is made of cotton.

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  6. test tube

    Reagenzglas / Test tube | 100 Stück

    15,00 €

    Test Tubes sind perfekt für Laborarbeit. Ideal um mit Spore Lösungen zu experimentieren und mit dem Klonen und der Kreuzung Stämme an zu fangen. Erfahren Sie mehr

  7. Stopper for Test Tube

    Stopfen für Reagenzgläser | 100 Stück

    2,50 €

    Lamella Grip Stopfen für Reagenzgläser. Halten Sie den Inhalt Ihres Reagenzgläser klar vor Verunreinigungen und sicher, während in der Zentrifuge. Erfahren Sie mehr

  8. test tube rack

    Ständer für 50 Reagenzgläser


    18,50 €

    Great for making your own liquid culture. This rack holds 50 test tubes.

    Many of our customers use this rack for parties, and fill the test tubes with drinks. Celebrate today!

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8 Product(s) matching your selection