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  1. Magic Truffles Hollandia

    Magic Truffles Hollandia

    Hollandia Magic Truffles will give you a trip of a lifetime! This Dutch truffle is the outcome of years of sclerotia cultivation. Selecting the strongest and finest of it's kind made the Hollandia twice as potent as the Psilocybe atlantis (one of the strongest slerotia). 7.5 grams will take you to a different world, are you willing to open that door? Learn More

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  2. Magic truffles Utopia

    Magic truffles Utopia

    Psilocybe Utopia is one of the strongest magic truffles around. New to the truffle family it's stones are kept growing longer to ensure it's very high potency Try the Utopia Magic Truffles and enjoy a mindbending trip. The Utopia will give you strong visuals,all over body high and connection with nature. Are you ready to Enter sir Thomas More's Utopia and experience the perfect world? Learn More

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