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  • Catmint  Nepeta cataria
  • Catmint  Nepeta cataria

Catmint Nepeta cataria - Herbs of the Gods

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While cats get very excited from catmint, for humans it works mostly relaxing and as a stimulation of the imagination - sometimes even mildly hallucinogenic.


Details for Catmint | Nepeta cataria


The Nepeta Cataria, is more commonly known as as catmint, catnip or catswort, due to the intense attraction it has to both domestic and wild cats, making them very excited. On human beings, the plant usually has the opposite and relaxing effect. Rats tend to stay away from it as far as possible!

The plant is considered a very English plant, but it is native to Europe and Asia. Later on, it also became naturalized in North-America and Canada after it was brought there by the colonists.

Catnip is used as a medicine against fever, stomach aches, (nervous) headaches, rheumatism, insomnia, menstrual cramps and hysteria. It has diaphoretic effects, without increasing the heat of your body system. Mostly it is used for its relaxing effects. Catmint works stimulating for your imagination, and in higher doses can be even mildly hallucinogenic. The effects are sometimes compared to those of cannabis.


Use 25 grams to make 1 litre of tea. Let steep for 15 minutes. Sift the residu out. You can add sugar or honey to sweeten the taste, but catnip by itself already tastes quite nice! Warning! Avoid catnip when pregnant, as it can induce uterine contractions.


Herbs of the Gods have collected high quality herbs since 1999. They have a selection of relaxing, stimulating and psychoactive herbs, that can be consumed by eating, drinking in teas or with a vaporizer.

Productcode hb-cm
Weight (KG) 0.0800
Category Relax
Portions 2 - 10
Form Shredded
Contents 80g
Ingredients N/A
Origin No
Species No
Not shipped to: Non EU countries

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