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Capsule Machineto make 500mg capsules. Easy to use ! Grind your Herbs & Shrooms and fill 24 capsulesin just a few minutes.

Capsules available Vega and gelatin

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With the Capsule Machine you can fill 24 capsules in less then 2 minutes!

Use of Capsule Machine

  • Grind the chosen substance to powder
  • Put base module on the stand, and on a plate or bowl
  • Separate the capsules
  • Push the long part of the capsule, open end up into the base module
  • Push the shorter part of the capsule in the Top module
  • Pour 1,5 tablespoon of powdered material into the base and sweep enclosed card over holes, filling them
  • Use tamping tool to compact powder if needeb and fill base again
  • Remove excess powder off the base by open corner
  • Place top on the base. Remove the capsule machine from the stand, put on flat surface
  • Press down the top firmly
  • The capsules are now pressed together in the top module.
  • Press top evenly and firmly to remove all capsules.


  • Base module, Top module, Stand, Tamping Tool, Spread Card, Drying bag.

Dishwasher safe!

Place the drying bag with in the jar with capsules to avoid humidity.

Fun Fact from Erowid:

"Some psilophiles grind the mushrooms, if you do so, weight the outcome. It is very hard to tell how many mushrooms worth of powder you're taking by just eyeballing a dose. One bonus of grinding your mushrooms is that you can ensure even potency across a large batch. While one P. cubensis mushroom might have a significantly higher potency than another...if you grind them up and mix them together, all measured doses will have the same potency." (Erowid faq magic mushrooms)

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