All about the Mazatapec Mexican Mushroom Grow Kit.

Benefits of a grow kit vs trying it yourself for the first time

The safest way to cultivate magic mushrooms and secure the quality is to grow them yourself, and we make it as easy as possible with magic mushroom grow kits. Kits are already inoculated with spores and the mycelium – the part that requires manure and time, and is most sensitive and difficult – has developed. You just need some water, stable temperature and a bright place to put the grow kit for your own mushrooms to develop. The kits can be reused a number of times, with the first few flushes (growth spurts of mushrooms) being the biggest.

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Benefits of this type of mushrooms


Great for beginners, celebrated by experienced psychonauts, the Mazatapec mushroom strain is named after the region and the people where Latin American mushrooms where introduced to the world. These mushrooms are rather pale in color but grow very tall with bell shaped hats. The Mazatapec magic mushroom grow kit fruits a bit slower than other cubensis, but the yields are enormous.

Preparing to take the mushrooms


A recommended amount is about 2.4g dried mushrooms, but can vary greatly from person to person.

To prepare for the trip, set aside time in a comfortable setting. It is best if you are well rested beforehand, and have time for a decent night’s sleep after. Mushrooms typically last for about 4-5 hours, with the peak happening for about two hours, beginning 30-60 minutes after ingestion. Eat a few hours before ingesting the mushrooms so you’re not famished while on the journey, and so digestion of food doesn’t mess with digestion of mushrooms.

Some people get upset stomach – luckily that is reported less with Mexican Mazatapecs. There are still options to soften the taste and potential upset, brew a tea of the mushrooms or eat them with peanut butter or chocolate – something with strong flavor.

You can use the 30-60 minutes before you feel the effects to set up anything you may want handy. Lots of folks like to write during the experience, about their ideas and feelings, so you may want to have a notebook or computer by your side. If you are interested in addressing particular emotional or psychological challenges in your life, you may want to make a list of issues that you want to think about during the experience.

Feelings and sensations during the trip


As the effects begin, you’ll notice a change in how you perceive the world. You may see visuals – subtle rainbow halos around lights, trails behind moving objects, patterns or images when you close your eyes. These effects can be fun to look at, but don’t let them take away from thinking about yourself, life, and world views.

If it is your first time, you may feel as if you are awakening from a previous state of sleep, a new awareness that feels normal and natural, like liberation from a prior life-long state of misunderstanding. This leaves many with a new perspective on their current lifestyles and behaviors. You may also experience a bit of time dilation, increase in imagination and creativity, a feeling of belonging and connections, and heightened emotions.

Everyone suggests these Mexican Cubensis Magic Mushrooms for beginners. People report light, happy, not too deep or ill-feeling trips, light visualizations, improved sights, colors, and especially sounds, while retaining awareness of surroundings, and there are waves of giggling and super giddy laughing vibes.

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