Psychedelic lifestyle: Armand Daigle's transformation

Everyone has dreamed about breaking with his way of life and begin to live his dreams, to embrace a psychedelic lifestyle. Everyone has dreamed about yelling at his boss and running out the office. BUT a few people finally do this. Maybe because we are a little cowards. Maybe we have fears and concerns... Everyone seem to have a reason to stay the same way as always.

BUT there's peope who change. People who decide to change, to yell at their bosses and run away of their lives. Today we are talking about one of these inspiring lifes. We are talking about Armand Daigle and his psychedelic lifestyle.

Who the hell is Armand Daigle?

Arman Daigle was a cubicle slave who became a freedom and psychedelic lifestyle icon. He's the author of the inspiring psychedelic Memoir ‘Thank Earth You’.

psychedelic lifestyle

Arman Daigle decided one day to break with his way of life and BEGAN TO LIVE. He quit his engineering job because he vas dissatisfied. He saw his nice young engineeers partners grow irritable and impatient, and he didn't wanted to be like that. He wanted to be better. He didn't wanted to sell his soul for money, to sell his energy, creativity and his life for money. He really wanted to be free, to practice the psychedelic lifestyle.

So he changed. This wasn't an easy decision, but he felt he had to do this.

Armand Daigle and his psychedelic lifestyle

In 2011 he and a friend started to live together. They became ayahuasca fans and embraced a psychedelic lifestyle. They found the same appreciation and wonder for the unseen phenomena around them. They saw that psychedelics would be powerful, globals tools in the future.

psychedelic lifestyle

The first Armand Daigle's psychedellic experience was no so powerful but this was enough powerful to make him change his perception about life and reality. Armand says it was like the opening of an ancient valve in his brain. "Instantly, I lived in a more creative real", he said.

He was at a "psychologically hungry time". Since that first trip he hasn't tripped very very much. He has tripped between 25 and 30 times, not a great number. BUT he try to make each experience as special as it can be. Armand Daigle likes quality instead of quantity, and we like it very much!

What did he see during his trips? Thanks to ayahuasca, he experimented encounters with some entities.  He say it feels like "to hit a fastball with the “sweet spot” of the barrel, and how much better and solid and clean it is compared to the horrible, hitting-your-funny-bone-like vibration sent down your fingers to your elbow when the ball contacts the middle or the end of the bat."

He has something for sure: each person has to make his own psychedellic experience. Because a psychedellic experience can hardly been explain using language.  We must to convince other people to try this kind of experience and try to share our own experiences and psychedelic lifestyle "to achieve resonance in one’s grasp of reality or to learn about something one hasn’t experienced yet or will never be able to experience. Sharing prepares, teaches, informs; it validates."

Psychedellics will change the world

Armand Daigle is convinced that psychedellic drugs will change the world.

"Imagine if 50 to 100 of the world’s most powerful people were given multiple sessions of entheogens, especially ayahuasca, in traditional, spiritually-guided settings…. The world would change overnight: Countries would listen to each other. Money wouldn’t be the enormous wall it is now between us and the salvation of our planet. Dogs and cats would live in harmony. Empathy would rule."

psychedelic lifestyle

Imagine that every powerful person in this world experiments the kind of transformation that Armand Daigle thanks to psychedellic drugs and embraces a psychedelic lifestyle. That everyone of these men changes his vision about money, power and the meaning of life. Wouldn't be this the beginning of a real change in this world?

We think that the best way to start with a worldwide change is to start with ourselves ;-)

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