Psychedelic Art: Jay Jagannath| Artist of the month SEPTEMBER

Someone told us that there's a place made with fire, heart and a huge amount of a very rare thing called "freedom". A place where winding dancers touch the sun when you look at them and where guitarists and flutists play their songs floating in geometric skies and colorful seas. A place where golden goddesses watch you hearing the music of a pan flute in the middle of a red desert.

So we, the Magic-Mushroom-Shop team, came floating and with our eyes very opened.

Where are we? Today our psychonaut spirit takes us on a journey to Chile to meet Jay Jagannath. He is the artist and creator of this thought-provoking world. Who is he? Why is he doing this? Let's find out.

Magic Mushrooms Shop | Artist Interview with Jay Jagannath

If we were extraterrestrials that have just landed in your backyard, how would you introduce yourself?

Hello! I’m one of you!
I get to be an artist whose duty is to heal himself and heal this planet. Maybe I don't have the technology to travel the universe, but I have my imagination which can take me as far as I desire. I have enough spiritual consciousness to say to you that I’m not proud of this world in wich I live. Al living creatures including yourselves came from the same place. And someday we will return to this place.

A hard one but simple: Why do you paint this kind of scenes? Where do they come from?

These scenes come from flashes and memories of my soul like these who everyone acquires living his thousand lives in different bodies. Everything we create and imagine has its place in one of the many universes that exist. My paintings born from my need to show what's inside of me and from my wish to be better day by day.

If you have something beauty inside you must share it or you will lose it.

About these visions that you paint: are they a far far world or are they a part of this world of ours but seen in a different way?

Many of my paintings are mirrors that reflect the reality of the astral world. This astral world can’t be contemplated with common eyes: you must know who you are and what senses form your astral body, intelligence, mind and self. Your emotional intelligence allows you to make better decisions which will benefit your existence. The emotional intelligence must be like a compass. Only in this way we can discover our true self and only discovering our true self we can respect nature and enjoy the artistic details of everyday life.

Protecting the weak and living for the truth...

In one of your paintings we can see a man floating over mushrooms and reaching a n strange being with a lot of eyes. What do you want to say with this image?

This painting shows that we are being observed second by second, that nothing goes unnoticed by our creator, not even our deepest secrets. The man on the painting represents these who accept the blessing of the cosmos with their heart opened and totally naked, with no fake identity, feeling blessed by the beauty that surrounds us.

jay jagannath Jay Jagannath with one of his psychedelic paintings.

You have a lot of phychedelic in your art. What do you think about psychedelic drugs? Do you take? Why they exist?

Everything in this world exists in order to awake us and to make us learn! We experiment the pshychedelic in our everyday life. Just contemplating a beautiful garden you can see so many colours and artistic forms... You feel blessed. But there’s people that don’t pay attention to these little beautiful details.

Psychedelic drugs are a gift. Not to be abused but to be utilised to learn, awake and realise that this world have a personality. Every men have a soul. We as humans and big brothers of all living beings on earth must protect them.

I think a lot of people in this world are ill with the ignorance and they can cure themselves having a pshychedelic experience.

If I look at your paintings , it's seems to me that all your characters are reaching a different state of consciousness. Have you ever reached a different state of consciousness? If so, what did you experienced?

Since I was a child I had the opportunity to live in monasteries singing mantras and practicing bhakti yoga. Bhakti yoga is one of the oldest philosophies and it teachs you how you can live your everyday life in a high state of consciousness even doing the simplest things. You just need to connect to the source of love and leave this love to use you as an instrument, serving and helping the others to realise who they really are.

I've reached high states of consciousness in this way. These states are a gift. You can’t reach them thinking a lot about it. You just need to have the attitude and renounce to your own benefit and work for the benefit of the others.

Only in this way you prepare yourself for a high state of consciousness.

If you could change anything in this world, what would you change?

I’d change the sad attitude of many people. Some people are asleep and they cannot do anything but benefit themselves in a selfish way, with no care about the great pain they are causing to our planet an its residents.

And the last one: How can we reach your worlds? Some advice?

I always believed that embracing vegetarianism you become more sensitive. It helps you to get a true perception and a high state of consciousness because you can’t talk about love and kindness with blood in your stomach. If we don’t stop the violence against the animals is very difficult for this world to become a beautiful place to live. This is why i’m vegetarian: respect the nature, thank everyday all good and bad things you live, don’t feel better than anyone or anything and become a channel to deliver the mystic universal wisdom to everyone. This is how we can reach a better world...

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