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  • How to grow Magic Mushrooms at home

    January 30, 2015How to's

    If you're interested in growing your own magic mushrooms, there are two basic options: to use a magic mushrooms grow kit (the easy way) or to use magic mushrooms spores (not the hard but the less easy way). Maybe you're not familiar with these methods for mushroom cultivation. Let's explain them.

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  • Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds: effects and how to use them

    January 23, 2015Our products

    Hawaiian Baby Woodrose or Argyreia nervosa is the name of a beautiful pink-brown flower that grows wild in tropical climates. It's very apreciated by many people for its aesthetic value. But the beauty of this plant is not the only value of Argyreia. Its seeds contain various ergoline alkaloids which can produce psychedelic effects and they are very appreciated by experienced psychonauts.

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  • Alice In Wonderland and hallucinogens

    January 14, 2015Art and psychedelic lifestyle

    'Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland' is a fairytale written by Lewis Carroll about a 10-year-old girl who falls down through a hole in a forest while chasing a mysterious white rabbit. Then she starts to experience live bizarre adventures.

    Many things have been said about this fairytale since it was published on 1865. Many questions have arisen around this tale: “Was the author in love with the little girl?” and “Was the author talking about his experiences with hallucinogenic drugs?”

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  • Psychedelic Artists: Android Jones

    January 9, 2015Art and psychedelic lifestyle

    A Magic Mushroom trip can be awesome. You can enjoy with visions and colorful patterns appearing right in front of our eyes, with these magic shapes that come from our mind and penetrate our world. That's why we enjoy psychedelic art too! Because it's a tripping experience materialized in a piece of artwork. To enjoy the world of psychedelic art you don’t need to take any magic mushrooms. Continue reading

  • Orders from Magic Mushrooms Shop

    January 4, 2015Ask Mick

    This is one of your most frequently asked questions: What am I going to receive when I order products from your site? How are the orders packed and shipped from magic mushrooms shop? It's normal to have this concern because maybe you're living with someone who don't understand our way of live, or with someone who don't like the so called "drugs" and such. Or just because you don't want your neighbors knowing that you grow some magic mushrooms at home. Don't worry! You're going to see that our packages are pretty discreet. Continue reading

  • San Pedro Cactus: what, why, how?

    December 29, 2014Our products

    Cactus are funny. Plants with spikes! They're just funny. But you know that cactus can be funny for other reasons. There are famous cactus like Peyote cactus. They're well know for their mystic effects and their use by ancient cultures for religious purpose. Today we're going to talk about another funny cactus, the peyote's brother: The San Pedro Cactus! Andale! Continue reading

  • What are the strongest magic mushrooms?

    December 27, 2014Our products

    You are now an experienced magic mushrooms tripper, right? You've tried some varieties of psilocybe cubensis mushrooms in the proper doses and now you want to go one step farther. This is normal! Magic mushrooms are a wide brave new world, and you're willing to explore it, but always with caution!

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  • Magic mushrooms can change your personality

    December 21, 2014News and Science

    Don't grow up, it's a trap! How many time have you heard a sentence like this? And more: how many time have you think this by your self? To become an adult sucks, and you know it. Responsibilities, problems, changes, boredom, work, money, more work... To being an adult sometimes is like to be in a jail. And science knows it. But we now know a secret: magic mushrooms can change your personality.

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  • Magic Mushrooms trip report: Contact with entities

    December 17, 2014Art and psychedelic lifestyle

    Sometimes its hard to tell what you feel during a magic mushrooms trip. Sometimes the feelings are so intense and the perceptions so vivid and strange that at the time when you come back out of your trip it's hard to find the specific words. That's why we regularly check the internet, searching for good and awesome magic mushrooms trip reports.

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  • Magic Mushrooms found in Queen Elizabeth's Garden

    December 15, 2014News and Science

    Prepare yourself: hallucinogenic mushrooms have been discovered on the grounds of Buckingham Palace in London. BOOM! Continue reading

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