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  • Ask Mick: How do I store my mushroom grow kit if I don't want to use it right away?

    December 20, 2013Ask Mick

    After receiving your magic mushroom grow kit you probably want to start growing mushrooms directly, I would! But occasionally you find your self in the ave of moving, preparing for a holiday or you have a magic mushroom combi-pack and don't want to start all your mush boxes at once. Today I will be answering the following question: " How do I store my mushroom grow kit if I don't want to use it right away? "

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  • Photos of the Thai magic mushroom growkit

    December 10, 2013Gallery

    The Thai Cubensis magic mushrooms are grown with a 100% colonized magic mushroom grow kit from Supagro. This psilocybe cubensis strain is know as ' Koh Samiu'  after the place of it's origin เกาะสมุย . Another variation of the Thai psilcoybe Cubensis is the Thanon aka The Original Thai. Both variation can be easily grown in a grow kit or from spores with PF-Tek or a different cultivation method. Continue reading

  • Ask Mick: There are blue spots on the substrate of my mushroom grow kit, is it contaminated?

    December 6, 2013Ask Mick

    Welcome to the first blog post of Ask Mick. This weeks question is:

    "After opening my grow kit, I see blue spots on the sides of the substrate (mycelium). Is the kit contaminated?"

    Thanks for submitting this question and the picture! The short answer to this question is ..No, this is not a contamination. Satisfying answer?  Not really, let's break it down and get you some more information about what happened to your magic mushroom grow kit. First let have a look at the picture.

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  • What is the ideal temperature to grow magic mushrooms?

    November 11, 2013How to's, News and Science

    During the colder days of the year it might be difficult to keep an optimal temperature for growing magic mushrooms. The best temperature to incubate and fuiting the psilocybine cubensis through the whole growth cycle is 23-24°C/73-76°F. The most important thing is to keep the temperature in your grow kit as stable as possible. Higher or lower temperatures will infuence the development of the mycelium and the growth of your magic mushrooms. Continue reading

  • NEW Bi-WEEKLY BLOG: 'Ask Mick' questions about Magic Mushrooms, Grow Kits, Cultivation and Mycology

    November 10, 2013Ask Mick

    Have you got a question about your magic mushroom grow kit or need some cultivation advise? Ask Mick!

    From this day on we will post a bi-weekly blog in which our very own Mick Mycelium will be answering "the question of the week" from one of our fellow mushroom cultivators! (that is you!) Continue reading

  • Photos of the Treasure Coast magic mushroom growkit

    October 16, 2013Gallery

    The original spores of the Treasure Coast magic mushrooms where collected some time ago from a region in the Southern Florida Gulf Coast named as Treasure Coast.

    The Treasure Coast mushrooms are quite easy to grow and some times you even can find some albino's in a cluster. The caps are a bit caramel colored, most times with a white frost.  This psilocybe cubensis strian colonize very fast and the mushrooms become quite tall. The potency of the magic mushrooms are know as moderate/high. Continue reading

  • Magic Mushrooms: Psilocybin and Psilocin

    October 9, 2013News and Science

    We all know that Magic Mushrooms make you trip and hallucinate, that's why they are called Magic. But how do magic mushrooms work? What are the substances that make you trip?

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  • Photos of the Mexican magic mushroom growkit

    October 5, 2013Gallery, News and Science

    The Mexican magic mushrooms are among all magic mushrooms probably the most well known around the world. Gordon Wasson referred to the "mushrooms of the gods" in a Life Magazine article, published in May 13, 1957.

    The Mazatapec strain comes from the Mexican highlands. Mushrooms grow large and abundant. The hats of the mushrooms are wide and have a light shade of brown. Continue reading

  • Photos of the Golden Teacher magic mushroom growkit

    September 26, 2013Gallery, News and Science

    The Golden Teacher is a classic cube and well know all over the world. The name "Golden Teacher" refers to the golden brown (to red) cap of this magic mushroom and the intense and deep trip that can teach you things unknown to man before.
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  • Photos of Ecuadorian magic mushrooms grow kit

    September 23, 2013Gallery

    The  Ecuador magic mushrooms strain

    The Ecuadorian strain of the Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms is a wonderful grower that brings joy with it's flushes and the spiritual trip. Ecuador is a great mushroom to start you cultivation experience, because it gives great flushes. When grown in a grow kit the first flush gives medium sized mushrooms the later flushes can give huge mushrooms. The caps are cinnamon brown often with a shade of white. Cap shape can go from round to pointy. When grown from spores you will notice that the Ecuador is a slow colonization, some patience is needed. But the Fruits of your labor will be psychedelic ! Continue reading

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