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  • Magic Mushrooms tea

    November 24, 2014Art and psychedelic lifestyle

    Hello ladies and gentelmen! Winter is here with its cold long dark afternoons and nights. It's time to spend in the sofa with a proper blanket and a good warm beverage like a tea. But you don't want to say no to magic, right? Did you know that being warm in the coach and magic are totally compatible? How? The answer is tea! Magic mushrooms tea!

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  • Magic Mushrooms varieties

    November 20, 2014Our products

    The list of magic mushrooms varieties is very long.  Magic mushroom is the name we commonly give to the psilocybin cubensis. Psilocybin mushrooms are the mushrooms which contain the hallucinogenic substances psilocybin, psilocin and others. They're the psychoactive mushrooms. The funny mushrooms! Continue reading

  • Tripping animals: Do animals do drugs?

    November 17, 2014News and Science

    Do animals do drugs? Could we find tripping animals in nature? What kind of funny question is that? The title of this post seems a joke, but we are asking this question very seriously. We are not trying to create an argument for a cartoon episode. The things are simple: if psychoactive substances grow wild in nature, are the animals secretly being consumers of these substances? Could it be possible?

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  • Are Magic Mushrooms dangerous?

    November 13, 2014News and Science

    You have asked yourself "are magic mushrooms dangerous?" because you are a responsible person. It's normal if you have fear of doubts before taking a substance like magic mushrooms. The effects are unknown for you and you want to feel safe with this new experience, right? Don't worry. Just keep reading and see.

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  • Psychedelic lifestyle: Armand Daigle's transformation

    November 10, 2014Art and psychedelic lifestyle

    Everyone has dreamed about breaking with his way of life and begin to live his dreams, to embrace a psychedelic lifestyle. Everyone has dreamed about yelling at his boss and running out the office. BUT a few people finally do this. Maybe because we are a little cowards. Maybe we have fears and concerns... Everyone seem to have a reason to stay the same way as always.

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  • How to take peyote?

    November 6, 2014How to's

    The Peyote plant is a cactus. Lucky for us, it's spineless. But THE QUESTION quickly appears: how the hell must we take peyote? iT'S A CACTUS!

    Don't get desperate, we are answering here the question. So, how to take peyote?? Please, answer me, please, please, please! How to take peyote, how???

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  • The best way to start growing magic mushrooms

    November 3, 2014Our products

    Magic Mushrooms are awesome. We really like the way they make us feel and see the world. Magic Mushrooms relax us and show us incredible things and colors. We totally want Magic Mushrooms in our life. But probably you think that such thing is a difficult plan. NOT AT ALL! To grow your own magic mushrooms never was SO EASY!

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  • Psychedelic Art: Randal Roberts | Artist of the month OCTOBER

    October 29, 2014Art and psychedelic lifestyle

    What would be life without art? This would be most likely a fart. And without magic? Triple fart. Magic and art are different faces of the same concept. This is why we the Magic Mushrooms Shop team selects every month an artist and share his artwork. Because we are good people and we want to spread the magic. We work for the magic!

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  • Easy Magic Mushrooms recipe

    October 27, 2014Art and psychedelic lifestyle

    Are you one of these bad boys who don't want to eat their vegetables? Cannot stand the taste of Magic Mushrooms? We understand. The earthy and bitter taste of magi mushrooms can be very annoying for people with a special palate. This is why we are introducing today an easy magic mushrooms recipe!

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  • Ask Mick: How to calculate shipping costs?

    October 23, 2014Ask Mick

    Hello fellas! Mick Mycelium is back! How are you? Fine? That's great! It has been a great week here on Magic Mushrooms Shop. We are working hard packaging all your orders to make you happy. Because it makes us happy too! Today I'm going to use my break time to answer one of your most frequently asked questions: how to calculate shipping costs to your country?

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