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  • All about the Mazatapec Mexican Mushroom Grow Kit.

    Benefits of a grow kit vs trying it yourself for the first time

    The safest way to cultivate magic mushrooms and secure the quality is to grow them yourself, and we make it as easy as possible with magic mushroom grow kits. Continue reading

  • Mexican Magic Mushrooms for beginners

    March 6, 2015Our products

    What are the Mexican Magic Mushrooms?

    Mexican Magic Mushrooms is a well known hallucinogenic mushroom, the Psilocybe Mexicana. The famous chemist Albert Hofmann discovered the Psilocibina, -one of the psychoactive compounds in Magic Mushrooms-  in this variety but it has been used for many, many years: 2000 years ago the Aztecs used the Mexicana mushroom in their magic rituals in which this civilization entered in contact with spirits and celestial entities.

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  • High Hawaiians Magic Truffles

    February 22, 2015Our products

    What are High Hawaiians?

    The High Hawaiians are a well-known variety of magic truffles. As you can guess, these one come from the Hawaiians magic mushrooms, but In spite of their nickname, these mushrooms and truffles are original from Tampa, Florida. They are one of the most valued by the consumers for their strong visual hallucinations.

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  • Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds: effects and how to use them

    January 23, 2015Our products

    Hawaiian Baby Woodrose or Argyreia nervosa is the name of a beautiful pink-brown flower that grows wild in tropical climates. It's very apreciated by many people for its aesthetic value. But the beauty of this plant is not the only value of Argyreia. Its seeds contain various ergoline alkaloids which can produce psychedelic effects and they are very appreciated by experienced psychonauts.

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  • San Pedro Cactus: what, why, how?

    December 29, 2014Our products

    Cactus are funny. Plants with spikes! They're just funny. But you know that cactus can be funny for other reasons. There are famous cactus like Peyote cactus. They're well know for their mystic effects and their use by ancient cultures for religious purpose. Today we're going to talk about another funny cactus, the peyote's brother: The San Pedro Cactus! Andale! Continue reading

  • What are the strongest magic mushrooms?

    December 27, 2014Our products

    You are now an experienced magic mushrooms tripper, right? You've tried some varieties of psilocybe cubensis mushrooms in the proper doses and now you want to go one step farther. This is normal! Magic mushrooms are a wide brave new world, and you're willing to explore it, but always with caution!

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  • Morning Glory seeds

    December 10, 2014Our products

    Morning Glory are beautiful tropical blue flowers originary from South America. Why are we talking about these flowers? Because they're beautiful and blue? No! Because the morning glory seeds have hallucinogenic effects, of course! That's why we are interested in them. So... Let's talk about morning glory seeds effects!

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  • Magic Mushrooms varieties

    November 20, 2014Our products

    The list of magic mushrooms varieties is looooong.  Magic mushroom is the common name for the mushrooms of the psilocybin cubensis. Psilocybin mushrooms are the mushrooms which contain the hallucinogenic substances psilocybin, psilocin and others. They're the psychoactive mushrooms. The funny mushrooms! Continue reading

  • The best way to start growing magic mushrooms

    November 3, 2014Our products

    Magic Mushrooms are awesome. We really like the way they make us feel and see the world. Magic Mushrooms relax us and show us incredible things and colors. We totally want Magic Mushrooms in our life. But probably you think that such thing is a difficult plan. NOT AT ALL! To grow your own magic mushrooms never was SO EASY!

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  • Syrian rue: all you need to know

    October 17, 2014Our products

    Syrian rue is a common name given to the Peganum harmala, a plant with a white flower native from a land between Iran and India. Syrian rue is not the only nickname to Peganum harmala. It's also called Wild rue, African rue, harmel, aspand, esfand...

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