Albert Hofmann took the first LSD Trip 74 years ago and gave us Bicycle Day, we give you 10% off all our products!

April 19th is bicycle day and it commemorates the first time Dr Albert Hoffmann took Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) having accidentally discovered it three days previously. Following the deliberate 250mcg dose he started to feel a little odd, so decided to ride his bicycle home.

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.A bit of history: Albert Hofmann's LSD legacy

Without Albert Hofmann, LSD and Psychedelia as a subculture along with all things associated to it would never have come to light.  

Forget  Timothy Leary, Alan Watts, Aldous Huxley and Arthur Koestle.  

Forget the psychedelic Californian life-style, the first underground LSD factory established by Owsley Stanley the music scene that emerged with psychedelic rock.  Even art was influenced by LSD as many artists tried to illustrate the psychedelic experience in paintings, drawings, illustrations and other forms of designs. 


Who was Albert Hofmann?

He was born on the 11th of January in Switzerland and passed away on the 29th of April 2008. Albert Hofmann was the most important scientist of our time.  He was best known for being the first scientist to synthesize, ingest LSD or lysergic acid diethylamide, that day later became known as ''Bicycle Day'' as we will see further down this article. 

His greatness does not stop there.  He also was the first to isolate, synthesize, and name the main active compounds in psychedelic mushrooms: Psilocybin and Psilocin .   He was both rationalist and mystic, chemist and visionary, this duality was his strength and where his true spirit resided. 

Hoffman was the author of more than 100 scientific articles and wrote numerous books, notably: ''LSD: My Problem Child''. 

Bicycle Day

To us at the Magic Mushrooms Shop, Bicycle Day is not only about celebrating the discovery of LSD, it transcends that in the fact that it reflects something that was dear to Hofmann: if used correctly and with care, LSD could be a vital tool for investigating human consciousness.  

The story of Hoffman bicycle trip is quite entertaining.  

While working on the synthetisation of LSD, he absorbed a small quantity of the substance through his fingertips and experienced the effects for the first time.   He described the trip as a ''not unpleasant intoxicated-like condition''.

Three days later he decided to experiment and took 250 micrograms of the substance, thinking it was a threshold dose, when in fact it is 20 micrograms!  No wonder he started feeling strange less than an hour later and took his bicycle back home On the way, Hofmann’s condition rapidly deteriorated and he started feeling anxious and believing the next-door neighbor was a mean witch, that he was going insane, and the LSD had poisoned him. 

When the trip was over, Hoffman knew he had made an important discovery that had the power to shift consciousness and he immediately understood the drug had potential as a psychiatric tool. 

 Hoffman's full trip report of Bicycle day is quite interesting and enlightening, we invite you to take a look a this reddit post.  

You will notice that Hoffman’s first experience with LSD was frightening to him, but it’s highly instructive because the reason it was scary to Hoffman is because he had no idea what to expect (it was the first ever trip). So, this nicely demonstrates some great advice about psychedelics – do your research before you take them as you might panic if you have no idea what to expect.

We also recommend this short and very cool animated video about Bicycle day, illustrations are quite impressive: A bicycle trip Animated Film


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